31 thoughts on “CHOCTAW CASINO PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT Grant, Oklahoma & Common Play JB Elah Slot Channel Excessive Limits”
  1. Jessica G says:

    Nooo wow that’s great. This is neat.

  2. Over 40 Keeping it healthy says:

    You didn’t hit that thou right? Somebody else did right?

  3. Billie Wells says:

    Oh My My I'd like one of those to go Yeehaw

  4. Lorrie Chavarria says:

    OMG!! That's an amazing win! Congratulations!

  5. Kenneth Lemke says:

    Running a little cold JB. Hope they warm up soon. Good luck

  6. David Brallier II says:

    How does that get paid out?

  7. MONEY says:

    This is unbelievable! You think you can help me with a new place? I'm struggling and been homeless for the last 8 months

  8. COLT BARAJAS says:

    Saw the thumbnail and thought O what did JB do. upset you didnt win it but glad someone did lol. Take care Sir have a great day. Also Thank You for your service.

  9. Erica Nelson says:

    Wow! Great job Mr. J. B

  10. RUBIX CUBE says:

    Congratulations to that lucky winner

  11. John Herrera says:

    Man grant is terrible . I’ve spent thousands and never one a damn thing . They are sooo tight

  12. armand acosta says:

    Congrats on your big win

  13. TwoBrokeTeachers75 says:


  14. Heminem says:

    Try non vgt machines sometime

  15. paulino silva says:

    Congratulations sir

  16. maquinitas rojas says:

    JB did you win this?

  17. Tommy Kelley says:

    Not a fan of your new video format
    Like to see the people walking around in the casino!

  18. Gamblin’ Joe Smith Slot Channel says:

    Always enjoy watching your videos. I will be at Winstar on December 18, perhaps I will see you there.

  19. AL M. says:

    Congratulations JB…

  20. Jerrie Freeman says:

    Will you be there Friday ? Want to meet you one day down the road.

  21. Chris Greenhaw says:

    OMG! I thought you hit that huge jackpot!


    Badass bro

  23. latajah reed says:

    You are so lucky Congratulations.

  24. Sean Floyd says:

    I’d call up my boss and be like!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See you at work tomorrow because you’d have to be an idiot to quit over $620,000 lol! Good fortunes everyone! Someone has to win

  25. Sam Mask says:

    Wow I thought you'd hit the big 1 sorry you didn't. Always a show though.

  26. Steve Hedrick says:

    Awsome job!!!! Great win!!

  27. Monica Anderson says:

    Is this yours JB?

  28. T. A. Mccurdy says:


  29. NotoriouS says:

    Fun to hit those until you find out how it's paid. You don't get it all when you hit those. Its paid out to you in payments over years. Still nice yes of course.

  30. Nachi Jr says:

    I remember one of your video, you were playing those progressive machine n an older gentleman playing nexts to you. Hit all 3 duckies but he was only playing $1 bet. Smh if that was me I would've quit gambling rite there n then. Lol

  31. Rignus Cygnus says:

    JB!! Great win!!

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