20 thoughts on “Chris Eubank Jr. Clashes with Dan Bilzerian on Poker After Darkish”
  1. Ben Williams says:

    funniest part of the video is that girl is pure in love with eubank during the hand then sees he has small balls on the river and goes back to her phone

  2. Kent J says:

    Ouch, this is some bad, bad poker.

  3. Gero Tamas says:

    Who is the blonde?

  4. Firmy Rod says:

    Bilzerian is nothing more than a fraud. He say's he made all his money from poker when after watching him play is a freaking joke. No he made all his money from daddy hiding it away before going to prison for stealling it from honest folk. Fuck him!

  5. Stew Pitt says:

    Dan's play spews that of an Amateur

  6. meloapa says:

    Amateur v amateur on TV doesn't make for the best viewing. Eubank was looking for the easiest way out of this hand with the win and it probably cost him some $$ in missed bets. Bilzerian is nothing if not horrible on every level.

  7. Jesse Simoneau says:

    I didn't even realize that Chris Eubanks is a Title Fighter, just had to look him up!

  8. BornOnJupiter 007 says:

    Micro stakes…
    Broke bums

  9. The Truth says:

    Eubank should retire from poker as well as boxing

  10. konstantin stemmermann says:

    eubanks hair tattoo looks horrible!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sean Kiesling says:

    What exactly was that bet of $500 on the flop supposed to do? What purpose was that supposed to serve? Lol

  12. Jonathan X says:

    Officially don’t recommend

  13. jordan Connor says:

    What is bill doing playing these micros?.. he must of been so bored

  14. T R says:

    Is poker so desperate they team up with an epic fraud in Dan Bilzdick.

  15. MaxWraith says:

    My original comment was that this check back isn't as bad as it seems because I thought that there are some 2-pair combos that Dan could take that line with, but I don't know.
    Q-8 suited, I guess?
    Far more single pair Q hands.

  16. DAVID NORIEGA says:

    That wasn't a super bad check…..If you get checked raised on the river you can only beat a bluff, so while it was a nitty check it wasn't a horrible one.

  17. Rico Dog says:

    That’s a lot of douches at one table.

  18. Wesley Verity says:

    Lmao love watching these poker pros playing

  19. Julius Gedminas says:

    just WOW for snap calling twice and even bigger woooow for checking back the rockets :O Seems I have no clue how to play this game :O

  20. J says:

    Weres the clash?

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