18 thoughts on “CHRIS MONEYMAKER: Soul Reads in Poker ♠️ Finest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Merv W says:

    Looks like he unconsciously pulls in the corners of his mouth when he is uncomfortable. Otherwise they're relaxed and stationary in the locked face, almost frowning position…

  2. PokerStars says:

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  3. Avinash Ram says:

    I like the check on the river in the first hand to bait his opponent into betting. But why check-raise so small? With the 2nd nuts on that board, why not go huge and try and get called by the Ac or a full house? What hand will call a min raise that won't be able to call a much larger raise?

  4. Kasper says:

    Expectation: soul reads
    Reality: [three of the least interesting hands in poker history]

  5. Jake Cooper says:

    Looks like a speed tell.. The last one he bet nearly instantly and vocalised the bets. Looked a bit different to the way he bet the bluffs.

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  7. Peter Parker says:

    what is the name of that final song, i gots to know! 😛

  8. Joe Millonzi says:

    I like the "sweat with" clips, pretty fun to watch

  9. Jed McCullough says:

    Naw he's just a station. Ive played with him live and he bluffs constantly. I saw him loose 10k playing 2 5 in about four hours one time. Thats hard to do when the buy in is 1k.

  10. QT8270 says:


  11. Sachiko Guillen says:

    Sharon Osbourne

  12. Marko says:

    Wow he bet with straight flush? No way he did that

  13. Ponrussell xxx says:


  14. Chris Capers says:

    Oliver. Lol. Thats the guy who called the clock on Negreanu and looked like a chump doing so.

  15. Galaxy 61 says:

    Maybe he hacked the casino table camera..

  16. This The Breaks says:

    You could see it in his face he had the 7 /5

  17. AT says:

    It's easy to look like fookin Isildur when playing against a tilted fish lmao

  18. Hyperhidrosis says:


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