36 thoughts on “Clams On line casino – I'm God (San Holo Edit)”
  1. Praveen Raj says:


  2. KrayKaru says:

    Just like someone said it's an amazing remix but you can never and I mean NEVER beat the original. Oh wait is that vocals I hear in this music dam it's dope I love it

  3. Heidi & AJ says:

    one of the best songs ever… why is this not on itunes… seriously this song hits me so hard.

  4. Thechristopherryan says:

    10x better than the og

  5. Charles Cayanan says:

    I came here because of Imogen Heap, and not other DJs or some kind of an artist.

  6. funwitheliu says:

    anyone here in 2020?

  7. Ferb Llaneta says:

    Wow. Im here because of God of martial arts.

  8. Bondengadura says:

    I've heard this song in all versions and I loved it all … This song is from the gods

  9. 2Tone Durag says:

    Clams Casino x San Holo. This can't go wrong

  10. Jhoan mariel Huanca moncada says:

    Me encanto

  11. DN1X says:

    Why you gotta ruin a good song like this man…

  12. Kurumi Tokisaki says:

    I came here for God of Martial Arts jahahah

  13. Mystic Ryder says:

    Stay vibing, stay kind

  14. Jesús Eduardo Mondragón Velázquez says:

    2020 and I’m still listening to this masterpiece

  15. Fibra says:

    What a shitty remix!

  16. Cristoislove Cristian Grajeda Vasquez says:

    This is only edit or remix what i like!!!

  17. producedbyAREZ says:

    rip my friend, Byron. I hope you are in a better place now.

  18. The Last Angel On Earth says:

    What is this? No

  19. Ligma Ballbag says:

    The original at the start of a movie and this to a movie ending would be fkn epic bro!

  20. yFlash says:

    this is so much better why is everyone talking shit about it

  21. MIDAS says:

    Nothing beats the original.

  22. JustGio says:

    turns out listen to this before the orignal

  23. Aditya Pawar says:

    Mind Plays

  24. Jessica Mutch says:

    no one cares if you like the original more. go comment on the original song. just enjoy this remix for what it is.

  25. Moemen Rantz says:

    Jesus left the chat

  26. Collaborating Carlyy says:

    Wishing I was Pocahontas, and following ALL the colors of the wind….

  27. Cactus Black says:

    lol San Holo just made it 30 times better and more special, shut up
    And yes i liked my own comment

  28. Franco Jr says:

    Jesus is God

  29. Casey Grant says:

    Damn I was expecting more outta san holo

  30. 6xtails says:


  31. aver says:

    nice not snow 🙁

  32. Indigo Denny says:

    I'm addicted to any and all renditions of this song, Clams is a musical genius

  33. PT says:

    Love this music!

  34. SketchSta Grime Instrumentals says:


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