1. David Lee says:

    I see people do this so much on slot channels. Keep playing cold machines, hoping to get a decent hit. I know it's disappointing when we get a small hit, and it won't do anything else. Sometimes this wont' even help us to break even. But we know that the odds are always stacked against us. If it hits anything it likely won't do it again. You had that thing up to almost three hundred dollars. I would have given it a few backup spins and gone home, or gone to a different game. For me I have the best overall luck if I move on from a machine fairly fast. Sometimes it only takes three cold spins and I'm done. I usually though win small amounts. if you consider though every time you hit the button it's always more likely to pay the casino, it's no surprise that machines will be unlikely to pay a second time. I know when filming the game, it might not be so exciting to see someone hop around after a few spins, but it seems like the only method that helps me mitigate losses. You should check out Professor Slots, 5-spin method. Personally I think he overrates it, but he seems to preach that often slots have a feature that gives a winning taste to players in the first few spins to draw them in. I question whether that is true, but I will say there might be something to it. Try it sometime, go from machine to machine, 5 spins max, if you win something before, jump off and try a different machine. I do enjoy your videos, and appreciate your channel and the work that must go into it.

  2. Randy Powell says:

    You would think that if you had a slot channel you'd play max bet. There are too many slot channels on YouTube. Sorry but my motto has always been if I can't play max bet I don't play. But hey it's not up to me

  3. Charlotte Hoernschemeyer says:

    Love it

  4. Midwest Slot Diva says:

    One of my favorite slot machines. Hard to find

  5. Greg The Gambler says:

    I am surprised that you were betting 2 credits on a $5 straight line machine.

  6. Teresa Mast says:

    They put those 7's out there off the lines just to play with your mind. Every spin "could have been a win". Slot machines are built to do that deliberately 🙁 Good Luck on you next session & thank you for the entertainment 🙂 🙂

  7. Stan Patch says:

    Nice vid bro ….youll do good. It's coming

  8. Win H says:

    Mash a button, pull a handle…nothing. That was a PITA (pain in the ass) episode. Since it is your new favorite, good luck next time.

  9. Janis Gary says:

    You are doing good on two credits you should’ve stayed with it

  10. Yvonne Hunter says:

    Gold doubloon, not bouillon. Lol good luck!!!

  11. knoxtique says:

    I’m late I’m late to an important date I’m not first but it’s not the worst!

  12. knoxtique says:

    I’m late I’m late to an

  13. darodg1 says:

    Man, those 7's teased you all the way.

  14. darodg1 says:

    Here we go.

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