23 thoughts on “Closing Desk Bellagio Cup V Highlights WPT Championship”
  1. ARAGORN JD says:

    why are they without masks?

  2. Phil May says:

    Guy throws his knee out jumping around after winning a poker hand………what a doofus! Well there goes the poker players are athletes th games.

  3. farro says:

    i dont think he likes to be called toilet , stop being racist .

  4. Billy Bragg says:

    Enjoyed this.

  5. ah lap says:

    Erik make big mistake.

  6. Linh Nho says:

    The wet voyage critically interfere because riverbed prominently type concerning a well-to-do timer. rude, homeless claus

  7. Gigynomics says:

    I want to play in a WPT event. Only heard once.

  8. Michael Gray says:

    Faraz with a terrible call right away

  9. Sam Pantiliano says:

    Heads up with such a short sample size is pretty much whoever gets the cards

  10. Lourdes Ortiz says:


  11. Captain Morgan says:

    Anyone else notice that poker game going on in between the 800 commercials?

  12. Iain Harrison says:

    Mike Sexton, R.I.P., best commentator ever, Vince Van Patten equally as good, if they were to commentate on water flowing I'd listen 🙂

  13. Kang Zixiao says:

    "This guy is tighter than my high school gym shirt" lol

  14. TM PH says:

    One of the best final tables with big names/familiar players duking it out. Somewhat surprising Gomes took it down against Seidel, Tortellini, and Faraz

  15. Mehdi Mehdikhani says:

    Who calls someone else toilet repeatedly on tv?

  16. mark espinoza says:

    See what happens when you let mike the mouth coach someone

  17. Conman 92 says:

    This damn poker game is interfering with me watching these ads

  18. Rocky Glenn Umipeg says:

    Too aggressive faraz..reckless always. tries to force it all the time in many of his games.

  19. JMW 1313 says:

    Ok. Someone has to count how many times the announcer calls Faraz the toilet. Lol.

  20. Георгий Сергеев says:

    good contend last weeks, thanks

  21. Ancient Future says:

    Some good plays made…the toilet didn't do too bad

  22. Adriano Alves says:

    Alex Gomes the best!

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