23 thoughts on “Countless Treasure Slot HUGE HANDPAY JACKPOT | $1,000 Problem To Beat The On line casino | EP-16”
  1. Lizzy Liz says:

    What casino was this session in?

  2. Michael Matias says:

    well deserved NG!

  3. jsegura525 says:


  4. NP Slot hunter says:

    Hi NG.
    That was a nice comeback.

  5. Robert Edgar says:

    WOW, great jackpot NG, you need more of these.

  6. Gary Maccalla says:

    Low to high limit in three hours.

  7. Julie Stock says:

    Best singer is back…I was like…"what is this tune?" Clearly I haven't had a handpay on THAT machine!! Go NG! You're the best!

  8. duane howard says:


  9. Rhonda Willis says:

    Are you in vegas this weekend?

  10. HUFF N PUFF says:

    When the boogeyman goes to sleep he looks under his bed for NG

  11. Ron Lorentzen says:

    Yupper always thinking how to work the machine great job NG

  12. Lan Vo says:

    So beautiful

  13. P C says:

    Another Great Episode! Please keep posting for your Northern Neighbors NG!

  14. Michel Cordeau says:

    Wow, I like it when you win, you look so happy.

  15. Mark Rutgers says:

    Holy cow NG….that bonus at the end was so awesome…thanks for the great content….

  16. Jeremiah Jalliana says:


  17. Paul Hamilton says:

    Nice win

  18. tonya graham says:

    Congratulations NG Priceless Proud Moments at the Casino all the way from Pittsburgh

  19. Marquis Bean says:

    Nice Comeback NG! That is one of my favorite slot machines. They are hard to find now…

  20. pam watson says:

    Nice win ng thanks

  21. Crawford Towing says:

    Omg ng

  22. Pup Pro says:

    Love watching your channel and you always remain so positive even when things are not always going well.

  23. pegi k. says:

    U r NG ..stop rapid fire..the slots have forgotten who u are!!!

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