43 thoughts on “CRAZY $10,000+ BLACKJACK HANDS + HUGE BONUS BUYS!”
  1. Xposed says:

    Catch me Live on Twitch at 9pm EST everyday but Saturdays!

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  2. Jordxn says:

    This sounds like a very stupid question so I apologise but does he keep all the money he wins?

  3. Philip John Flores says:

    Hi bro! Im from philippines and an avid fan of yours here on youtube. Can u help me in my studies bro? Small amount can really help me to achieve my dreams. Thanks bro, hope you can read this comment.

  4. niglet says:

    I think you should stop gambling now and take all the profits

  5. Darren Hopkinson says:

    I just watch you to cheer me up, hell I don't even gamble

  6. DavidCWL 報告#財務#分析#世界#事件 says:

    IRS, looking at this dont cash out! keep your cryptocurrency !

  7. Anley Makhuvele says:

    What time do you sleep bro

  8. Jay Bishop says:

    Cha…..Ching 😉

  9. mine web says:

    hey bro can you reward me "CryptoGamer"please

  10. LivinZeus says:

    How do you fund the account so fast?

  11. Justin Lee says:

    And then He lost money all

  12. goon bag says:

    Shame it was a kid n he didn’t get rewarded hahhaha

  13. Mr S says:

    Xposed fucking cracks me up. Love your channel lad

  14. reecerebs says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! THE MOST ENERGETIC MOST ENTERTAINING MAN ON THE PLANET!

  15. Stevie Izzi says:

    The content wit the views like wit Ching is fun as fuck to watch

  16. Šime Mladinić says:

    More BLACKJACK!!

  17. Michael Hille says:

    We want more blackjack vids

  18. carzytime and Monopoly game time and session share says:

    Please help me bro

  19. Carlos Duran says:

    Ching doin that ting!! Lol

  20. Salvador Tecalero says:

    "that was almost a squirter"

  21. Mattillmatic ! says:

    I hate that you are a leafs fan but I love the videos you make.

    Sky’s the limit.

  22. Criley Mane says:

    lmaooo content is gold love it

  23. derek Emmanuel says:

    This is the start of Ching's gambling addiction because he wants to test his horseshoe

  24. derek Emmanuel says:

    How the fuck you read the chat names when it's going so fast. I could read the text, but almost never the names

  25. Alan Batista says:

    Bro this has to be my favorite channel now

  26. mark schindler says:

    doing dat CHING! LOL

  27. Lord Killer says:

    I Died at :" Doubling Down.. MAMA raised no bitch"

  28. Brandon Borman says:

    2k to 70k I’d say that’s pretty GOODDDDD !!!

  29. Michael Casale says:

    69 thousand. Nice

  30. Yoel Bodokh says:

    You are my favorite youtuber rn, youre fkn crazy man

  31. Juan Munoz says:


  32. Dominique Clayton says:

    Shout out ching and what a turn around!!! Congratulations on your wins

  33. youtubzer says:

    Man I love watching you play, you do what I wish I could do!! ❤️❤️

  34. DJ Dont Sneeze says:

    Ching with the plays. My man doing that ting.

  35. task to money says:

    Bro help me bro

  36. Jack Smith says:

    Should have tipped ching $100 !!

  37. Patrick Piche says:

    Forced legacy might be illegal….But Mericaaaaa

  38. Indra Gunawan says:

    Pretty good

  39. Dylan Williams says:

    black fucking jack! hell yeah. would be fun af to come gamble with you and enjoy the fun!

  40. Anders Jameson says:


  41. richard says:

    "I'm not gonna be mad bro…I'm gonna be a little mad though" Lmaooo I'm dying. Poor Ching

  42. DealtDeal says:

    Ching is a legend

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