17 thoughts on “CRUSHING Poker & Life with Phil HELLMUTH!”
  1. Erlend Grødal says:

    40:22 "Old man". Lol, sometimes Jonathan falls out of his interviewer role and goes back to default 😀

  2. Jamie Alexander says:

    He's such a narcissist lol, it's hilarious and charming at the same time.

  3. Life over 70 says:

    Listening to your questions and Phil's reasoning to his actions leads to better understanding behaviors of players and career choices.
    Been unemployed since last year and have saved all
    most enough to sign up to your premium coaching course.
    This interview is encouraging as you both talked about different people at any age preparing to reach for goals from the heart.
    Hope to develop skill and patience in the game of poker thru your coaching teams.

  4. Chris Buchanan says:

    Great interview JL!

  5. Nahum Villa says:

    Just to say and hope I have some great news soon. you both guys have been my greatest examples and sources to learn poker. So grateful about you!

  6. Dario V says:

    Congrats Jonathan for the interview, it was really good. The thing I like about poker players is that they think about the question before they answered

  7. Vee Kay says:

    Phil Hellmuth is the most humble poker player of all time.

  8. Dre Poker says:

    Phil is an amazing person and a man who has not only won big prizes but is one of the guys that boosted the popularity of poker a few years ago.

    Thanks Jonathan and Phil for this great interview!

  9. gerry o sullivan says:

    His comeback from 3k to Daniels 97k is amazing!

  10. Marks out of Zen says:

    Great interview, with some fantastic life lessons. That is the key to anything happening, action.

  11. MO TheCat says:

    Jonathan.Little. A person loses all that he has gained when he ACTS "LIKE A TOTAL JERK" even if it's 1% of the time. If childhood issues effect you NOW that is NO EXCUSE. Much like Jimmy Conners "great tennis player" Let his passion turn him into a NOBODY. Bobby Fischer's greatness is much diminished by his later-in-life insanity. HELMUTH, GROW UP!!!!!!!!

  12. Christina says:

    ^Thank You 10 fold^

  13. Paul Meyer says:

    Great interview. Thanks, Phil. Thanks Jonathon.

  14. Marks out of Zen says:

    How to win at heads up. Raise on the button, position is everything, and check raise when you are not, My pleasure.

  15. Failing at Life says:

    Phil needs to teach seminars on self love. No one loves themselves more than Phil

  16. Tyler B says:

    Always good stuff

  17. Eskiimo Joe says:

    Absolutely awesome interview. Phil is such a unique person

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