45 thoughts on “Dan Bilzerian Reveals You The right way to Play Pocket Aces”
  1. CcOLaGeN says:

    Can I get a trust fund?

  2. Money Maker777 says:

    Nice hand smart raise all in by Dan Bilzerian !

  3. Effortless Awareness says:

    OHH, There he is!

    The Prince Of Poker

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. MaxLoopTV says:

    Steve Aoki playing poker…Nice

  5. Sven Nollet says:

    Yup, Dan Bilzerian showed them.. "kuch"

  6. gabriel rodriguez says:

    LOL at the haters, why does this guy legitimately make people mad? Regardless you cared enough to watch the video and leave a comment, something to think about.

  7. JB H says:

    "Shows you how to play Aces"?

    Go all in pre-flop. Oh great. Thanks for that. Looking forward to the wsop armed with that knowledge.

  8. BigBoBear_TV says:

    All so called ''friends'' of Dan. This has to be staged!

  9. brock dickens says:

    Only way to play em is push pre flop cuse unless u raise big anyone calls with anything and flop can hit anyone..so u push to get them to fold

  10. Jason Garcia says:

    Looked rigged

  11. Daniel Chan says:

    Thx for teaching me how to play such difficult hand

  12. blahblahmeowchow says:

    Lauding Dan for calling allin pre with AA is the perfect microcosm of how his life has gone, and how people react to it.

  13. The Playmaker says:

    Is that Pitbull… Mr Worldwide

  14. The Playmaker says:

    Whos this cutie? Never seen her before

  15. Eskimo Blood says:

    He's so bad

  16. Jay Jay says:

    Shouldn't Dan have done a bit of thinking hoping to Hollywood Bill into a call? What do I know. I don't even have a trust fund. I've never even committed fraud. Dan has shown me the way and if I was born again it would be into a crime family and I'd just lie and stuff like Dan

  17. J TC says:

    Who is that Mall dude? I really don’t know. Obviously not a pro.

  18. Nisarg Patel says:

    That blonde is Perkins wife. Her IG- larasebastian

  19. seazn furi says:

    He's Broke!

  20. meloapa says:

    By "how you play aces" they mean "gets it all-in preflop then hangs on for dear life." The dealer won this pot for him.

  21. yuriabcdms says:

    Correct title: how not to play 77s and TTs.

  22. zeil 1time says:

    Pitbulll got rekkkkttttt

  23. Abe Frohammer says:

    What about Bilzerian shows investors how to burn their cash in a fake business venture.

  24. Jeff Bourke says:

    dam it! this Dan guy is amazing! he must be one of the top players in history?

  25. mark douglas says:

    Professional bluffer…just look at his military record…..fake-ass stolen valor seal wannabe…..

  26. tyrealll says:

    Perkins call with sevens push and repush? Maniacs

  27. B B says:

    I've seen better play at NL2

  28. Son Goku says:

    Dan Bilzerian is a pro poker player. I am also the 2nd coming of Jesus.

  29. Kris Backhouse says:

    So I should play like Dan and call with AA when someone shoves on me?

  30. Paul Anthony says:

    Dan is as much of a poker pro as Jake Paul is a pro boxer.

  31. Torq Auto says:

    Love Perkins his the best

  32. Unflushablepiss says:

    too many haters going after Bilzerian

  33. Bojan Krlovic says:

    Plenty clowns here.. Poker After Dark back in the days was the best thing in poker world. This? Circus.

  34. will jones says:

    Lol your title makes me ill

  35. Pierce Hoffman says:

    Yah so clearly Dan is not a millionaire from poker lol

  36. andromeda media says:

    Nice to see how Bilzerian can gamble it up with money him and his father defrauded.

  37. Billy Jeans says:

    female poker player name?

  38. GabbaGool85 says:

    Haha I wouldn't do anything this guy does

  39. Michael Fallquist says:

    Wow you mean he called a preflop all in, woooow

  40. José Artur Ritti says:

    Who os the blonde?

  41. Sakafroukos says:

    Soo thats how he make his millions and you make views wow

  42. Andy McNab says:

    Table full of nobody's

  43. FlipsterFlipinoy says:

    Dan Bilzerian the fraud. Like his Daddy.

  44. Phil Kayes says:

    Dan Bilzerian is a disgusting human being and all his money was accumulated by daddy’s fraud.

  45. Lenin Franco says:

    This guy still lying?

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