6 thoughts on “Dancing Drums Prosperity! New slot machine 😺😺”
  1. Slots Man says:

    Wow, the new Dancing Drums looks awesome. Thanks for the video as always!

  2. Sherl Clemons says:

    I love that Cash machine! I’ll have to look for it next time I go to the Casino! I won $2k on the other one Friday! Only took 4 spins to win! I was excited! Glad you play different slots.. that way I can look for them to play too!

  3. Michael McClary says:

    Hey Heidi, loved the video, especially seeing you have fun on the new Cash Machine. Is Fred fairing ok? Haven't seen him in any videos lately.

  4. Anna Ridgeway says:

    Never would have thought 9's paid that much! Great way to start my day as always. SCR!!!

  5. Rosio H says:

    This slot machine looks Sooo fun to play. Thanks for Sharing another Good Video

  6. Joshua Tate says:

    Great slot machine but it is not easy to get a bigjackpot

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