28 thoughts on “Dancing Drums Slot Machine Max Wager Bonus & BIG WIN | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-11 | EP-2”
  1. Dana Rushton says:

    You play what you want to play. It's your $$$$$$. I just enjoy to watch. Be good and good luck. Dana (Australia)

  2. Money K says:

    Hey nj

  3. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos NG. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Kok teong Gan says:

    It is clear that the higher bet will generate higher jackpot as what happen to MR. MG slot a few days ago.

  5. Kok teong Gan says:

    Good luck. Really want to see you winning the grand jackpot.

  6. Judith Harrison says:

    NG hope you are staying safe happy and healthy!!

  7. Diane F says:

    Thanks NG for the entertainment!

  8. Cynthia Addison says:

    Don’t worry about what those people say. Play your way. We like seeing regular bets and high limit bets!

  9. Daryl Thomas says:

    You should play those 6, 8 dollar games. Don't have to play 50$ spin all the time lol.

  10. Art Pili says:

    Even is just like a win, thanks for sharing buddy.

  11. Drissa Thornton says:

    To the naysayers who say “NG is broke playing lower bet games”, just NO. I love watching all bets on a variety of machines. I personally do not play high limit because of my budget so I ENJOY seeing play on lower bet machines that I may want to try. THANK YOU NG for including ALL slot play for everyone to enjoy…from high to low. You are the best on YouTube. Keep doing you!

  12. HUFF N PUFF says:

    B.C plays lower bets most of the time and people don't care so why do they mess with you. Do what you do can't please everyone who cares. Good luck

  13. Michelle Givens-Overton says:

    Love the attitude, "if you don't give me the bonus I am going to leave this machine", thank you so very much for my morning laughter.

  14. Joe Pezzulo says:

    NG you play and bet what you want its your money…SHOW ME THE POWER OF YOU 8.80 BET

  15. 陈珠 says:

    What earlier on I want to say is that
    sometime we not pay even $8.80/per hour when working.

  16. Pamela Sena says:

    Good luck

  17. Slot L.A says:

    Dancing drums good today

  18. Fiona Charrington says:

    Let the neyseyers be negative- it’s not their money you’re gambling with!

  19. Brandi Cox says:

    NG I know you said some people are saying your broke or whatever but I wouldn't worry about what they say you know the truth and honestly I know most of your subscribers feel the same way and I'm sure they like watching you play just as long as your winning..Good Luck on all future wins BIG or SMALL

  20. Gwen Fahri says:

    Hi NG don’t worry about what those people that say you don’t have the money to play high limit, none of there business I like watching you play small bets. You have thousands of powerful subscribers who love ❤️ you

  21. Dhram Media says:

    Hi, you should know that haters are trying to put you down and by paying them attention, you are giving them the attention they want and they rejoice in that their comments are getting to you, you need to ignore them cos they add no value to your live except they rejoice that their comments are getting to you and they going to rile you up knowing they getting to you. People hate when you get successful, it is time to ignore haters and dont even give them the time to explain yourself, your success is dependent on you and your actions and not what they think

  22. Family Fun Adventure says:

    That is why I never play that first game that you play

  23. Lisa Moser says:

    You are fun to watch no matter what amount you bet. Some people complain just to make themselves feel better…. don’t let them get you down. I just want to thank you for sharing your world !!!

  24. Debra galvan says:

    I won a $500 jack pot with my $5.00 bonus play playing 25 or 75 cents .

  25. Henry IV says:

    I love your positive spirit and this is lots of fun to watch. Don’t even listen to haters bro I know you won’t. Good job NG! Power!

  26. Leyla Gen says:

    High limit doesn’t even pay good! Yesterday someone posted a video of them hitting the GRAND for $8,000 betting $1.25! I was in shock! Then someone else hit it for $14,000 betting $5

  27. Kenneth Ferguson says:

    Money means nothing
    To Him
    Win or lose
    GOD Bless u NG

  28. Audelio Espinoza says:

    It's sad only 33 cents profit

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