24 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Battles for $950,000 in WPT Closing Desk!”
  1. FuryTV says:

    Hope you guys are enjoying some vintage WPT content! One of Daniel's early career big cashes!

  2. Coopar says:

    I feel like bryan thought dan had the 4th 6 after dan mentioned it before bryan checked

  3. Romeo John says:

    Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love

  4. Ben Batista says:

    Why do replay channels never say what year these are from?????

  5. QT8270 says:


  6. Lawrence Shuda says:


  7. Agitativebee says:

    Jesus Chris could you get any more adverts in this video

  8. Jhibz Willy says:

    Pls post Gus hansen, Patrick antonius before i subscribe✌️

  9. Michael George says:

    Holy fuck, how many times does Mike say, "Daniel trying to win his 3rd WPT title", or "Daniel, the all-time money leader on the WPT"! Like they can't say it enough

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    Daniel has best hair plugs in the game

  11. Andrei Telenkov says:

    Best poker commentators, these two guys. Love WPT videos.

  12. Jimmy Two Times says:


  13. DanielSong39 says:

    Back when Negreanu was good


    Simply the greatest poker player ever Daniel Negreanu ‼️ fuck Doug polk

  15. Axel James says:

    Good job Daniel. You practice what you preach by not being loosely goosey and eating a sandwich.

  16. Jason says:

    When this WPT recent?

  17. bill bill says:

    whats up guys, y do you all ask what is up. what a dumb ass saying

  18. Dead universe says:

    I.don't like daniel

  19. truth always says:

    Great video

  20. Galahm Milesius says:

    Imagine going through all this Grind and Winning 2nd and Win just about a Million!!
    Only to End Up giving it all Back to Doug Polk Later on making the Win Moot……

  21. chenf983able says:

    The winner looks like he tobey maguire's brother.

  22. Jamie Britten says:

    Wow I’m actually on a Daniel negreanu video before the loosey goosey sandwich comments arrive

  23. Yael Noe Carretino may says:

    It almost always brings out a haha smile

  24. Ondřej Židlík says:

    2:10 – 17 outs of 44 …and still no hit… 😀 POKER… IRL u play with guy u got A Q , he got Q J and still J on the river 😀 😀 … Daniel is luckyboy

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