37 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu BLUFFING Like It's Nothing ♠️ Finest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. PokerStars says:

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  2. Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa says:

    Daniel plays so disciplined in all forms of poker, and is so unpredictable.

  3. Vernon Rose says:

    How do I get a seat at the big game table on tv Daniel

  4. getsomepantson11 says:

    Is it bluffing if you shove with the best hand?

  5. Amraalzgana Bainalzgana says:

    Tony g blaming the dealer, classic

  6. Cyrus says:

    these aren't bluffs tf

  7. evan ritchie says:

    Tony G is the most annoying man in the world

  8. Giovanni Ak says:

    He's too much fun

  9. jason Schloerke says:

    That isn't a bluff

  10. Free Bets and Bonuses 150 EURO- Visit BETOPIN๏NET says:

    Live today, for tomorrow it will all be history.

  11. joseph irwin says:

    I’m four minutes and 14 seconds into this video. Daniel hasn’t bluffed once

  12. DANE KIRBY says:

    I play pokerstars vr on my vr headset and so watching this was heaven

  13. Johnny Wang says:

    How is he bluffing on the second hand?

  14. Johnny Wang says:

    How did he bluff that first hand? I’m confused

  15. McCannon Vaughn says:

    At least when you watch live instead of SCOOP you don't have to figure out which ones are the bots and which are the employees

  16. GetMeThere1 says:

    2 bluffs out of 5 advertised?

  17. Jordan Sutton says:

    Doyle Brunson what a legend.

  18. illicityapper1 says:

    to be fair on the last one, all he had was pair of 5s. Which was a 3/5 low pair so it wasn't a terrible fold.

  19. QT8270 says:


  20. QT8270 says:


  21. Vd3r says:

    did Tony G just blamed dealer for his loss?

  22. Jameson Gets Aces says:

    I didn’t know J Cole played poker

  23. Jonny Mnemonic says:

    I wish they'd bring this show back. I'd love to take a shot at some pros!

  24. dannyboyspain1 says:

    Brilliant when Tony G gets stuffed

  25. MaskHero Zo says:

    Whenever he's play you know it draws us in to watch. The guy makes poker fun. Him and Phil Ivy.

  26. Leandro Marques says:

    5:21 please dont come back

  27. Paizinho stb says:

    most ridiculous website that has

  28. JasonTheWorldisYours says:

    Full House on the river

  29. Peleg Bar says:

    This guy will forever be my favourite poker player

  30. timtrfny timtrfny says:

    Best Daniel's hands is him getting crazy lucky. It means something lol

  31. Ualisson Carlos says:

    Wish I could play with Dan

  32. NobleWarrior 88 says:

    Unpopular take but I think he gets way too much credit for his reads and being a top tier player but hasn’t won a major event in 6 years and hasn’t won a WSOP bracelet in almost 10. He’s hard to bluff not because he figures it out all the time, but because he’s such a calling station “for information” and then acts surprised when he’s wrong.

    He knows enough to know when he’s beat but not disciplined enough to make the fold

  33. Chris Capers says:

    I'm as good as Daniel. I'm also really fast and incredibly strong……also in my dreams.

  34. Jelle van den Hadelkamp says:

    Daniel doesnt win, but you still lose.

  35. ItzLordeYT says:

    Happened to my bud Eric once

  36. steffe says:

    Daniel will forever be one of the best poker players ever.

  37. Clueless says:

    Daniel Negreanu will forever be the man

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