22 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu getting BLUFFED? ♠️ Finest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Jerome Longoria says:

    Kevin Hart is annoying

  2. QT8270 says:


  3. Brad Fraser says:

    The ‘sweat with’ hands are shit. Show us everyone’s cards from the start.

  4. QT8270 says:


  5. Howard Loop says:


  6. gabotdf says:

    9:15 funny guy

  7. gddb831 says:

    Kevin hart is funny but sucks ass at poker

  8. Zhuang Miao says:

    Liv is just gorgeous omg

  9. Jovem LeoRC says:

    Am I the only one here that dont think Kevin Hart is funny at all?

  10. Will Tropp says:

    kevin hart is so unfunny

  11. xenaguy01 says:

    1:50 IDK who this guy is, but he has no business talking during the hand that he has no stake in. His statement there could have been a major factor in Daniel folding.
    EDIT: I see from another comment that's David (Viffer) Peat. He is influencing the play with his out-of-place comments.

  12. 26bisket says:

    I don’t like Daniel leading jack8 on the river.. never getting worse to call.. and against Justin he needs to have a plan to call a raise the vast majority of the time

  13. Yi Travel says:

    Daniel Negreanu always try to cover his call decision. like weak player do.

  14. Andy Ngo-Ton says:

    "Daniel gets bluffed" if the other person has the winning hand its not a bluff, its a win.

  15. ROB-IN-PHILLY says:

    I've been playing poker for almost a half century; most likely about tens of thousands of hands, including online…I never try to guess what the other guy has…I just play my hand. Trying to guess what someone else is thinking; in cards, is a waste of time…Any good card player will make you guess wrong…The bluff is the most important poker tactic..I win more using it than by good hands…

  16. Kily Clash Royal says:

    Esto es viejo

  17. WingsofRedemption Highlights says:

    Why do you guys milk the Kevin Hart hand so much? Very cringe

  18. The Gray says:

    Superman has kryptonite, Negreanu has flush bluffs.

  19. Gartacus The Bold says:

    So on the first hand – did Viffer help this get through? He shouldn't be speaking at all, but it sounds like Negreanu has Hachem nailed and then Viffer makes his comment.

  20. Gartacus The Bold says:

    Dude imagine betting a river and having your opponent immediately recall a similar hand of yours from "so long ago". Reminds me of Belichick remembering every play from every game. Just an absolute beast of poker brainpower.

  21. Mihai Dragomirescu says:


  22. Odins says:

    Hello my babies, Joe Stapleton here. I miss that..

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