18 thoughts on “DECISIONS WERE MADE THIS FREEPLAY FRIDAY!! * LUCKY 88 — Traditional Las Vegas On line casino Slot Machine Bonus”
  1. Dani Money says:

    Sorry for what happen to you brother BUT no surprise here since i have no life ( yes i said it ) i watch a lot and i mean a lot of slot channels videos every day and the Cosmo keep skinning player of any size of bet ! – one example of so many about 4 weeks ago NG Slots showed up at the high limit room at the Cosmo with $10, 000 ( ten thousand ) cash and lost all in about 30 minutes playing on 5 different slots about 2000 each the worst part he got ZERO bonuses not even a bad one and hardly any good line hits . this one of so many in the last 6 months that its a 97% of players lose it all – they all are paying for the loses casinos had through 2020 and CEOs did not get there fat bonuses cause also stock price plummeted .

  2. Magda Van Wyk says:

    when you get youre swangoose free spins try the dice. it pays better. enjoy

  3. Kingcarp996 Corn says:

    Love this game

  4. Sports Junkie Production says:

    Great game but a tough game too

  5. Barbara Herrera says:

    Swan goose…yep…. you gave a good try on Lucky 88…. thanks Dan for making the “Excutive decision” to continue

  6. Cees Van der Schoot says:

    Never knew that the right name for a crane is swangoose . Well learned something important today .

  7. MrLyrical88 says:

    I like your slot videos, it's fun watching you play, I don't really comment a lot, but can you please play the "GORILLA CHIEF" slot machine, if you can find one, CHALLENGE?

  8. Aaron James says:

    I know your secret code is your dogs birthday….yup yup

  9. Mary Spike says:

    I don't play very often, but when I play, I play, and the game you were playing, although a classic, is not an easy game to get a bonus. I've played that game many times, and it never did too much. I don't think going to max had anything to do with not getting a bonus.

  10. karen G says:

    You're the best! I've had no luck at all lately, really takes the fun out of it when you're just feeding the machine, may be time for a break,! Lol

  11. Cynthia Slater says:

    Some days are like this. I had one yesterday. Maybe next time. Cheers!

  12. El Poor Know says:


  13. Grandraplady akaAMB says:

    Well thanks for that, I too have been heartbroken many times by this game and Dream Time, but if, and when they hit it changes everything.

  14. Brooklyn Loves Slots says:

    Love your personality!

  15. RNA Slots says:

    I don't necessarily hate this game to me it just doesn't feel worth it to bet $3 so in my state the bets go 30, 90, 150,210 and 3. I would like the game more if the random feature triggered a bit more or had better pays when you get the multipliers or a higher change to get a multiplier in the base game. Normally when I play it I will only bet about $1.50 and whenever i get the bonus I will do the 15 or 8 games. Never have tried the dice game.

  16. Robert Nobell says:

    Great machine ,can pay a furtune.not today.great executive decision.you have it a shot.

  17. Blossom Castle says:

    Do the $3 bet

  18. JJGeneral1 Arcade says:

    Woo, freeplay friday!

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