43 thoughts on “Del Boy's Poker face – Solely Fools and Horses – BBC”
  1. lj e says:

    Only fools and horses could dislike this!

  2. Bert Spivey says:

    I never thought I'd like this show so I never bothered with it. Then I saw this clip and I was hooked. Wow, what did I miss.

  3. Saltspring Railway says:

    Flicking channels in '81 I think it was, we came upon this card game. We were hooked after that!

  4. Paw X Paw says:

    It kind of serves Boycie right because if you have to cheat you would surely choose an unbeatable hand..?

  5. lfc777372 says:

    Absolute classic.

  6. carl turner says:

    Thats was john sullivan, s finest moment when he wrote that script…. A royal flush….

  7. Sunzu Z says:

    Great scene, but it owes a lot to an old episode from Steptoe & Son, written by Galton & Simpson, where Harold brings home some 'friends' who cheat him at cards.

  8. nova nova says:

    OFAH..best comedy EVER…

  9. DinosaurDemon5 Mst says:

    Dell is a legend

  10. spider mg1 says:

    thank god for uk gold .. tv now is shyte!!

  11. Chris B says:

    Brilliant comedy. They don't write them like that anymore

  12. One Million Dead Koalas says:

    What is this show? Why have I never seen it before?

  13. stephen whitemore says:

    Listen in the back ground just before you hear dell say four you can hear something else saying four in the background.

  14. MATA MAN says:

    Trigger was a true frend, he gave his car for Delboy bet

  15. Oliver Horn says:

    Slow roll of the century

  16. Jamie Hughes says:

    What I always loved about Only fools and horses was that it was a complete story not just a 30 minute set up for laughs each week. It was always hilariously funny but you got to see their sad moments and their struggles as well which made you root for them even more, which in turn made the comedy funnier. A genuine work of genius.

  17. thenewmodfather says:

    1:52 one of the funniest things ever filmed

  18. Wez says:

    How did Dave not know what del had when he was sitting behind him?

  19. Jaja Capo says:

    Seals listen

  20. Neil Cameron says:

    Comedy gold. It’s 2020 and this is still funny!

  21. Andy Fahey says:

    The English. Still exporting drivil.

  22. animelovers000 says:

    When i went to a convention once and met John Challis and asked him about this episode he told me they were handling real money here. When they finished recording some of it went missing and apparently someone had placed it ontop of the studio lights.

  23. A L says:

    I don't care what anyone says. "Because that wasn't the hand that I dealt you" is single handedly the best response in tv history. Legendary scene.

  24. george pines says:

    and then he lost £200 on the double headed coin lol . How I loved seeing Boycie lose

  25. Dan Trix says:

    There’s nothing nowadays that even compare !

  26. Liam EFC says:

    the greatest scene of any tv show, ever

  27. guguigugu says:

    con the conman

  28. Jack Butler says:

    Pure gold.

  29. Invincible goat says:


  30. Invincible goat says:


  31. Invincible goat says:


  32. laurence quinn says:

    Still my favourite scene

  33. Gregory Wall says:

    Why is Rodney surprised, he could see Del Boy's cards.

  34. Finn says:

    Juanda had trips!!!

  35. Jan Lycka says:

    Nice-slee(ve) played

  36. Welsh Warrior says:

    There will never, ever be another comedy series like it. Absolutely top class.

  37. Stephen Kissane says:

    Was Boyce meant to be a one off character

  38. Kevin Devlin says:

    Watched this the other day. One of the best episodes ever

  39. 50YearOldTeenager says:

    This is basically the same scene from "This Sporting Life" made in 1963 where the rugby players Richard Harris and Colin Blakely show their cards during a coach trip. Blakeley's character Colin shows his hand then Harris's character Frank shows Two Pairs, Kings, then pockets the cash 🙂

  40. Umar Ahsan says:

    Am I the only one who see Barry crouch here

  41. plugh1 says:

    Perfect show. Next year well be millionaires you'll see.

  42. Rando Bianco says:


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