21 thoughts on “Develop into a Profitable On-line Poker Participant in 30 Days | Fairness (Day 4)”
  1. psycodelic1 Here says:

    shoveng with A5s had like 27% equity even if is vs KK or QQ

  2. Poker Aray says:

    Well, I always try to take control of the pot when I play a hand, position is important of course.

  3. Coinuss Q says:

    I look at the percentage of my opponents' winnings when we play allin preflop or flop and see the same numbers 25-35% on the flop, 13-25% on the turn and 1-6% on the river. And 25-35% is a lot, but ultimately it doesn't matter if your decisions have + EV. Thank you Collin and Katie.

  4. lolli popas says:

    Thanks for this video, I returned to it to review and it motivated me to dig a little deeper into Equilab – such a great tool, it seems so simple but there's so much stuff you can do with it.

  5. Oleg Gurjev says:

    I like math, and math in poker is even more!

  6. bruno dark says:

    this is very good, but for me I like to play only tournament. so it helped me a lot with this explanation, thanks

  7. Juca S says:

    When you are playing online you can apply the percentages through the odds calculator,

    now when you are playing live you must do this mentally and it is then that the

    situation becomes the process more laborious after several hours sitting playing.

  8. jeotramas says:

    Many times it is difficult to know the equity we have in a hand, but this video has made things a little clearer for me, thank you.

  9. dunc1189 says:

    another very useful lesson managing to explain equity in a very coherent way.

  10. 1makis says:

    Maths are very important factor in the game. Observeness and concetration are needed to be able to gather valuable informations!

  11. Shane Stephens says:

    Great job breaking this down. It is a tough thing to wrap your hand around if you are not strong on math but it is so important. Especially in tournament play

  12. king11682 says:

    Important fold equity term if we get to dominate it well and added to the ranks of your opponents before the flop and after the flop; and against a passive player our fold equity can give us a big pot.

  13. Poma Lekain says:

    I like statistics and probabilities! But here such an analysis seems to be during the tournament we see the hands of opponents.

  14. Arutyun Mokoyan says:

    Really good explanation of equity. It's quite challenging topic because there is a lot of math here. Thank you for mentioning the equity tool, it should definitely help in poker.

  15. Deyvson Felipe says:

    Understanding this concept is good when we have a bad time. Even manic hands have their equity and the results will only be long term.

  16. Marcos Antonio Ferreira de Oliveira says:

    Equity is the tool I like the most in poker, I can very well take advantage of my opponents, and it has helped my game a lot.

  17. belladonna05 says:

    I loved this as i have difficulty with the concept, hopefully this gives me more to think about in the pots ahead.

  18. Freddy Dominguez says:

    Understanding the equity is very important for a player dont get into tilt, iff u understand that in every single pot u play a persentage is yours and another is off the vilain,off course only one will take the pot donw,but dont forget u have take a part that doesnt bellong to you and you will have to return it sunner or later, iff u understand this is impossivel for you to go tilt because off lousing a hand or because off been in a donw swing

  19. Kieron OMALLEY says:

    A nice discussion about equity. The four questions at the end bring it all nicely into focus and helps this topic to make sense. I agree how important it is to know what your share / equity is at any given time. Thanks.

  20. Marc Mildenhall says:

    Killdog equity is 8.8% so he has in chip equity 8.8% of 531 which equals 46.7 chips, so we would say 47 chips. Yes I would agree that Killdog has a lot of fold equity as I see this being 100%-8.8% = 91% fold equity. At present Killdog has 8.8% equity, so if he bets and Ralph folds, he would gain the extra 91% equity, as he would have 100% of the pot, and there he would gain 531(total pot) – 47(his original equity) = 484 chips

  21. Debi O'Neill says:

    This is such an important lesson for tournament players – great job of breaking it down!

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