41 thoughts on “DHHL Pushes For On line casino Gaming On Hawaiian Residence Lands (Dec. 21, 2020)”
  1. Micah Panoke says:

    This is fkn dumb

  2. Grace Cole says:

    Just horrible, take that crap somewhere else

  3. Odetta Rapozo-Pung says:

    Bad idea….you are looking at a simple way to make money, but not thinking about the people and their way of life….Hawaiian homes and Oha are poorly managed. Sad that you all are not thinking about the locals and would rather watch them lose their homes due to another addiction of gambling…..bad idea….As many are aware ———->History of how many of the Hawaiians lost their land due to alcohol consumption.
    For the Hawaii people who enjoy abs can afford to gamble can go to Vegas and still come
    Home to their house.
    The visitor industry —> hotels in Hawaii and Las Vegas are all being affected by the COVID pandemic………..
    You want to give the people their land……but this is ????Also….There are many queations such as many people in leadership and government
    have I’ll intentions…..a program such as this needs to be Part of the Federal standards like the Native Americans….The people of Hawaii should be concentrating to be federally recognized and need to learn to work as a United front because they are too many fractions in all avenues related to the Hawaiian people.
    If this was a GREAT idea—-the Hotels would have attempted to
    To bring gambling to Hawaii a long time ago. Bringing Gambling to Hawaii will bring new problems, crime and uncertainty for the Hawaii people. Thinking out of the Box—-Gambling is not the answer.

  4. Peter Menningen says:

    You need to make sure ALL of the Money goes to the native peoples. Every native family needs to have a stipend check every year to spend on housing of their choice. No non native Hawaiian gets a penny of the monies created. All income to native Hawaiians is to be tax free in forever including no GET charged.

  5. Michael Vrbanac says:


  6. Dan Faller says:

    The house always wins , not the people

  7. Jen Jen S says:

    Tyler, don't stop what you are doing, especially when the "old time" people openly put you down in the opening on "his speech". And yes, put the food down when people can see what you are doing. That's rude. I'm in my 60s, don't bring your bad habits in public. You wonderful to bring your presentation forward. Again, continue to push forward- IMUA! Just do it.

  8. Kris klos says:

    Hawaii is not governed by the state government. Remember these are the same people who overthrew the kingdom in 1893.

  9. Pua Plaza says:

    This is ridiculous! Our kupuna are dying while waiting on the list for homestead lands.

  10. nawahine kahoopii says:

    This is a total conflict of interest and should not be allowed. The disposition of our trust lands and associated assets should not be administered by the state. The state appoints the chair and commissioners, most of whom are career politicians cycling through the state system, propping it up for decades on the backs of kanaka and our expense. We need a mechanism to appoint our own chair and commissioners that answer only to the beneficiaries and the terms of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act.

    DHHL has left tens of millions of $$$$ in HUD money unused ($70 million), resulting in DHHL being excluded from further participation. They have allowed tens of thousands of acres (33%) of lands to be leased to non-beneficiaries for pennies on the dollars. Who is on DHHL lands? The military, Walmart, Monsanto, malls, rubbish dumps, airports, wastewater treatment plants, harbors, wealthy ranchers who are developers and have sold off their own lands to develop million-dollar gated communities while using our lands as cover to keep them in the ag tax bracket. With some of the richest lessees on the planet, why does DHHL continue to suffer from impoverishment?

    DHHL will not own the casino; the state will own it. The state still owes DHHL $billions in reparations for our lands' illegally taken without consultation or reparations. DHHL still evicts beneficiaries off their homesteads, goes to any DHHL contested case hearing day, and witnesses the lines of beneficiaries being forced to surrender their leases or comply with some inconsistent, make it up as they go along laws and rules.

    When the Akaka Bill and other federal recognition bills passed through congress, gaming of any kind was explicitly prohibited. Why is it that the state can now develop gaming on our lands while kanaka was not allowed to create the same revenue stream within their own nation for their exclusive benefit?

    I suspect this is to prop up the tourism industry and create another feeding stream for the parasitic political class. A stand-alone lottery owned exclusively by DHHL beneficiaries along with fair market value for lands already leased to nonbeneficiaries would bring in enough revenue to cover DHHL's needs. We don't need a massive build-out that will stuff the pockets of politicians, donors, and developers.

  11. Earthmotherdragon says:

    Please don't bring in Casino. There is only one agenda for this and it is the ruin of your people……they did this to the Indians in the states and the loser is always the native people. NEVER EVER ALLOW GAMBLING OR CASINOS ONTO YOUR SACRED LANDS!!!!! it is never as simple and it will be the ruin of many people, just don't. Today Gambling, Porn, slave trade of humans and Arms trade are the most profitable in the world. Let us not degrade humanity any further. x

  12. Howzit Cruzin thru life says:

    Make the islands self sustainable.
    Give the lands to the Hawaiians as the Queen wanted to do. If every Hawaiian is given even a 1/2 acre, we can grow our own food, raise chickens, talapia, herbal medicines, etc. we can break the chain and stop shipping in so much stuff.
    We could probably make our own toilet paper with the stupid Albeza trees and recycled cardboard.
    Everything is about the money and not the quality of life.
    So sad

  13. Wasabi Ginger says:

    This is the deep state mobsters banksters pushing to ruin Hawaiian Lands and the islands … wake up people!!!

  14. areUaware says:

    Hawaiians needs homes, not casinos!

  15. Mark Roberts says:

    Keep the casinos away

  16. Evil Dax says:

    We need sports betting big island

  17. Enckidoo Falling says:

    Class action with Indians against the feds! Including pain and suffering for Hapa

  18. Enckidoo Falling says:

    Ask the siletz

  19. Enckidoo Falling says:

    Great why only Oahu they get all the money pfizer vaccine jobs everything great do it just all islamds

  20. Unko Limu says:

    BUDDY!You need TOURISM to have casinos.Our economy,way of life,has been destroyed by the NWO/GLOBALIST politicians who have used wuflu as an excuse to crush our world.
    What nonsense.Hawaiins ought to have had casinos a long time ago just like the Indians of N.America.Now?

  21. Ku'uipo Keen says:

    So to put us in housing after decades of mismanagement, you make a pact with the devil to bring gambling to our islands. Poho

  22. HiLovefor3 Vegan says:

    Take care the waiting list that my family died waiting on and still waiting, you ***

  23. alexaleman16 says:

    Greedy pricks

  24. Nohea Pai says:

    DHHL can’t even build homes for Hawaiians yet they want to build a casino.

  25. Tony Aquino says:

    Again our kupuna are dying on the list and you crooks want to put casino's on aina set a side for our people. Why not build a vertical farm. More then 80% of Hawaii's food comes from elsewhere. Oahu can not sustain its own population. So this is the best solution you educated people could come up with to solve the cocvid created crisis. Shame. Another crooked scheme by the DHHL. Hui Hewa hana kolohe pala ka maia aina ai kanaka

  26. Walter Ward says:

    It's always ABOUT THE MONEY. and it never seems to go ware they tell you.

  27. Walter Ward says:

    Just what you DON'T NEED. MORE CORRUPTION.
    Truth is check results in other states. Granular examinations not propaganda.

  28. Patrick Gambsky says:

    So sad. What about the kids build some educational program for the kids instead of a casino.

  29. R C says:

    purple shirt man pretty

  30. Jon From says:

    How long would it take to build this thing?

  31. Kris klos says:

    And how much will he make if this happens???

  32. Kris klos says:

    This man is full of shit….!!!!!

  33. Bj Greenthumb says:

    What's stupid is you can gamble online

  34. rmarbertin8 says:

    1989 – American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies at Senate Hearing

  35. beo wulf says:


  36. beo wulf says:


  37. gloria gomez says:

    Why not gaming on the Big Island also..?

  38. Sandy Smart says:

    Where is the Gold that was deposited at honolulu March 9th 2013 solvent no debt. Ask the navy at diamondhead

  39. Ἰάσων says:

    Reservations are the main reason why Native Americans are not disappearing. Native Hawaiians should have their own land that doesn't require a lease hold or blood quantum.

  40. Doriana Scholz says:

    Hawaii sounds way better than Mar-a-Lago. You better check twice on who wants to build it 😉

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