44 thoughts on “DIRTY HIT AND RUN AT BESTBET LIVE – Kyle Fischl Poker Vlog Ep 77”
  1. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says:

    Nothing wrong with a hit and run . I play at gardens and commerce for 20 years sometimes I hit a few big hands in 30 min triple up and leave . I go straight to the cashier cage and leave for the day .ill go by a edible from the weed shop and get baked watching ancient aliens.

  2. Ty West says:

    Terrible etiquette on a live stream

  3. Ryan Turner says:

    If this dude had a little more personality… I'd be a fan. There's no freaking way I can sit through 20+ minutes of this though without falling asleep.

  4. Brett Mason Media says:

    Check A7 letting opponents catch up? No. Just no.
    Otherwise good play good analysis.

  5. Paul Hamilton says:

    Hit and run??? Hell man if you beat the game I’ll run too . No questions about it. A win is a win

  6. Paul K says:

    This guy is trying so hard to sound smart but plays like an amateur.

  7. Robert Meyers says:

    Really didn't think there could be that many "Bridesmaids" references but I was sorely mistaken lol

  8. Digital David says:

    Enjoy these videos.

  9. Brad Freemantle says:

    How the fuck are you playing for that much $$$ and you don’t know at the end of the hand if you’ve won or lost??? Good grief.

  10. fred smit says:

    Kyle, Thanks for the video! at 2:46 you mention that the 45 into a 125 pot is not a downbet and you see it as weak. Isn't a 30% bet standard these days? How much different is his 36% bet and why do you see a 36% bet as weak?

  11. Joe D says:

    This is a great video. Very good info here about range / position, reverse implied odds, and picking out situations that favor you. Of all the poker vloggers I watch I'm starting to think yours is the one to watch when I want infotainment as opposed to just poker entertainment. There's some to learn from other vloggers but this video struck me as particularly informational. Good stuff Kyle.

  12. Danny G says:

    Never seen your streams but man your vids are tight. Love the humor clips. Nice job man. Subbed and recommending to friends.

  13. Troy Mc Jessy says:

    I heart the 1010 bluff

  14. itzik ben hamo says:

    How can i be better in poker if i see this vlog???

  15. Smitty John says:

    Dude your content is awesome!

  16. John V says:

    How are you confused about the AA call? You play live poker, you know these knuckleheads aren't thinking about ranges the same way you are Kyle.

  17. Gnarlton Danks says:

    NGL that merch looks absolutely class and high quality. Way to not cheap out.

  18. James Winchester says:

    I literally live behind the Congo river in Orlando lmdoa

  19. No face No case says:

    I would like to listen more about strategy instead of watching clips from series and movies between and during a hands

  20. OkiePokerPlayer says:

    Good comeback there Kyle, way to grind it out.

  21. Lee Jones says:

    No matter what else: full marks for the Chicago b-roll. I don't care what or where it is – and this goes for all poker vloggers – give us something outside the poker room, *please*. Now I'll go watch the poker.

  22. Victor Burnett says:

    I think you played well even with the 10s on 789r. Supposing his range is 85% overpairs he always calls and 15% overcards he always folds, then your EV is 0.15*485+0.85(0.4*1215-0.6*925) = $14. Although if his range is 85% overpairs preflop, I think you should always fold to the 4bet. So it may be the preflop action that requires more evaluation than the flop action.

  23. Austin Anguilm says:

    shoulda branded ur merch as more of a joke like Fish'l. With more graphics

  24. Peter Choi says:

    Best episode. You are becoming one of my favorites.

  25. Leo Joseph says:

    This was an excellent episode! I suspect the Hit n Runner will not be on the show anytime soon, and now is on everyone's radar, and will be needled for a long time! This one really helped because it was streamed and had your analysis.

  26. Ace in the Hole says:

    Enjoy all your vlogs. Hand analysts is very good. Keep up the good work. Tell me again your apparel site?

  27. Mike Holtz says:

    You butchered basically every hand, first TT hand is just a flat on flop and we always bet turn small, the next TT hand we must 3! To at least 60, 40 is way way too small

    The KJ hand is such a clear just call on the AK5K board you should really consider taking some time and studying if you need any help dm me

  28. Big B says:

    I think hitting and running, especially on a big double on somebody…ESPECIALLY early on is a deuchbag move. Just my opinion. I was in Tunica a few years ago playing omaha cash, one guy comes in and plays a few hands with $200, makes a moron move and doubles on me and walks, laughs it off and says "hehehe…I was just trying to punt"…10 min later another dickhead comes in with same amount, plays ONE hand with me, I flop top set, he gets it in with bad flush draw and hits and runs. I wanted to catch em in the parking lot. POS move to do that in my opinion.

  29. Fred McMillen says:

    He got his rent money and got the hell out. I have played against him before .

  30. Fred McMillen says:

    I play best bet all the time, people there will not fold Aces. They will call you down and try and catch. You cannot figure people out their lol. God job Kyle.

  31. Jeff S says:

    Really enjoy hearing your thought process, especially the 9-10 off suit hand. Cheers!

  32. Eric Petersen says:

    Leaves at 20 min…wow

  33. John Sollars says:

    Your fold of the Q 6 clubs was bad no matter your excuses

  34. Craig Rockwell says:

    "2 red tens, my favorite hand ever…..of the session" nice 1 Kyle 🙂

  35. Saul Badman says:

    What's with the '4' necklace? 4 is an unlucky number, ask your gf Kyle

  36. John Fish says:

    Hello World, and you made it back. Tough getting doubled up so early in the game. Hit and run is a no-go. You have nerves of steel to stay in there until getting to profit after a failed all in. Love the content and the "Brides maids" drop ins.

  37. G Man says:

    I would love to hit and run. I have a problem with the hit

  38. TheGriz says:

    How tf do u limp q6 from early and then call 40 to fold when u flop a flush draw? What u trying to flop?

  39. Brad Swanson says:

    Saw the livestream and then watched this. Great commentary and vlog.

  40. Theodore Hsu says:

    Biggest rule of poker: get out of a game if you’re thinking you will go on tilt at any time. Someone gets under your skin and causes you to “melt down” end make Matasow and Hellmuth look like saints. And you might not stop at words because someone said, “You don’t have the guts.”

  41. Rene says:

    totally agree with you about the H&R. in a normal ring game, no one owes anyone anything. But on a live stream?? CMON MAN. as alvvays, love the analysis Kyle. thank you.

  42. Theodore Hsu says:

    Congratulations on doing great on stream, Kyle! You wonder if that earlier guy was in danger not just of playing bad but losing his temper on top of it. Not just saying ugly words but following with uglier deeds. Biggest risk with tilting: losing your bankroll, then your mind.

  43. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker????

  44. The Chosen One says:

    You gotta play the Q6c! You can’t be afraid to get it all in because the flush completed and your opponent MAY have the higher flush. He very likely could have suited connectors and a way lower flush. I know you analyzed it nicely, doesn’t take away that you played it badly.

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