26 thoughts on “Discover Out Why Phil Ivey Doesn't Wish to be on Poker After Darkish!”
  1. PokerGO says:

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  2. blazethathaze69 says:

    Where can I watch this episode? What’s it called?? Ivey Tony G, Farha and hellmuth all on one table? YES PLEASE

  3. Tom says:

    Matusow is off his nut

  4. Le N says:

    Bad play from Mike & bad play from Phil reraising Sammy

  5. C Sap12 says:

    Mike doing just a few bumps!

  6. Test Test says:

    Holy shit what a table of personalities..

  7. rad iohead says:

    what a boring bastard

  8. Jeffrey Guilmot says:

    Worst clickbait ever lol. Unsub wtf kinda trash channel is this

  9. Mike PenceTD says:

    2 elite players, 3 other legends – what a game!

  10. Mr.SEV7EN says:

    I’m so scuuurrred

  11. Tyson Sperling says:

    Ivey so salty

  12. T. de Goeij says:

    "That's why he's Phil Ivey and I'm Mike Matusow"
    Lol, ol' Mikey must've been on a crack binge again. Ivey's nutsack has more poker ability than Matusow.

  13. Scott Larrabee says:

    Uhhhh yeah mike, that’s the only thing separating you and Phil…. oh and an entire universe of talent, but other than that…

  14. Mike Bukowski says:

    Stakes are insulting on poker go for these pros.

  15. 77NOLOGO says:

    is any chance to watch all this episode?

  16. Josie Mejia says:


  17. Dumdum Dum says:

    Back when peopld knew hlw to wear clothes.

  18. jmaessoan1 says:

    No Mike. You're mike matusow cause you constantly put all your money in drawing dead. God imagine how soft the games were in the 90s for mike to have been considered "one of the greats." This guy plays worse than some of the people at my home games

  19. mentilly all says:


  20. Joe Ince says:

    I saw Ivey once in a fast food restaurant and he seemed very shy and humble- unlike Some other poker players. I really think he hates the fact that he’s famous

  21. Poker Lives Matter says:

    I don’t understand? This explains nothing

  22. BroFroAnoMoFo HIP HOP says:

    @ 2:40 Hellmuth talking about how Sam was the favorite "for the viewer" as him n the other guys give him sh!t for it, then Ivey tells Sam he "wouldn't have called if I didn't have the 6s blocking your straight flush draw"…..


  23. K B says:

    What a great line up

  24. Curtis King says:

    Outstanding play by Matusow re-raising a raise on this flop.

  25. Jay says:

    So…… why doesn't Phil wanna be on PAD??

  26. Ei Demon says:

    At that same year Ivey wins millions online

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