17 thoughts on “Dishonest in Poker | Doug Polk & PKA”
  1. moe zess says:

    …. the entire game of poker is about "trickery" … holy fuck i swear some people will never be satisfied till we just show everybody our cards and have no money involved

  2. moe zess says:

    the comparison of "you can only pick from ten decks or bats" is pretty silly…. you only have ten bats or decks to check.

  3. RastaJew says:

    Wow some of these guys need to learn to shut up when they don't know the subject and when the guest is talking.

  4. Benjamin Franklin says:

    I hide my bills the same way in Monopoly. I'm a bastard, I guess.

  5. Claire Weber says:

    Very false. The Phil Ivey story conluded way after the episode. He was edge sorting. Surprised he lost with the borgatta and the uk casino. I feel the legal nuance in the case is important to make an opinion

  6. Ruben says:

    The guy was doing edge sorting. The way the cards are manufactured and cut will have slight variations. He was able to distinguish certain cards after seeing both ends and keeping track of his head. That's why it was considered "Advantage Play" they were casino provided cards and he did not manipulate or previously interact with them prior. Take a brand new deck of 52 cards and go through the front and back 4-5 times and then if you can lay them down face down and recognize the subtle variance in the back design pattern that's not cheating.

  7. Alex Shaiegan says:

    the casino knowingly allowed ivey to use those decks

  8. JP P says:

    Have no time to watch full episodes or rewatch old ones anymore cuz of life. Thank Zeus for this clips channel…saving my mfing mental

  9. VooDooH says:

    oh no shit you got doug on, so sick!

  10. Spiffy_1010 says:

    Holy shit fifth comment? I’ve never been this early

  11. John Wulf says:

    Kyle is closer on the Ivey story than Doug. they wanted Ivey to come play in their casino and one of the things Ivey insisted on in the contract signed in advance was they use a certain brand of cards. the backs of those cards were not 100% consistent.

  12. gameguy12321 says:

    Great video and guest! Very Interesting!

  13. f f says:

    This was a great episode

  14. MajesticMalice says:

    Pka is love

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