Do the percentages of successful thie “roulette sport enhance”? : playing

So think about this hypothetical ,easy roulette sport with numbers from 0-10.
You’ll be able to both wager on even or odd. Doing so you’ll win 2x you wager.
zero is a typical jackpot the place you win 10x your wager.

Thirdly, there’s a option to wager on a quantity to happen twice in a row. This may win you 60x your wager.

The percentages of successful that is 1/11 * 1/11= 1/121 in the event that they make the wager earlier than each spins.

My query is does the chance of them successful enhance if they’re allowed to wager on a quantity occurring twice after the primary quantity has been spun?


The roulette sport outputs a quantity 3.
The consumer says they wish to wager that the roulette desk will output one other 3.

By doing this, is the consumer given higher odds of successful the wager. Or will the probabilities of them successful nonetheless stay at 1/121.

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