24 thoughts on “Donating Again to the Sport”
  1. G says:

    Spoiler title = skip to end and see loss total

  2. Matthew Alex says:

    Rampage!! Keep Grinding!!
    When ppl call raises w 8/2o and 8/5s , you gotta expect the unexpected. Sat at a 1-2 table at Foxwoods for 12 hrs straight one day. Racked up and was over $40 for the session. Ate and drank from the chips as well. My point:? Folding is indeed boring, but then you get sucked into hands and pay alot for chasing.

  3. bryce powell says:

    A8 was third nuts.

  4. Wamexful says:

    Most 3 bet are strong man I would of fold preflop

  5. Allen Roberts says:

    I def root for you to win. With that said, it’s refreshing to know that not all sessions go well and you feel the same frustrations. I’m impressed that you upload a session like this and not jus the fun ones. May all your cards be live and your pots be monsters!

  6. Artur Górecki says:

    Ok maybe u made couple of bad decisions but its happening to everyone gl in future sessions

  7. JohnnieVibes says:


  8. Gold Ace says:

    Lol… you've got murdered.

    My recommendation: Stop gambling, it won't get you anywhere. It'll get you broke this poker BS.

    Instead, put your money in the Stock Market, it will get you better returns overall.

  9. Cornell Irons says:

    With the set of Js you have get better at reading body language. You had the correct read but ignored it all the way to the river. To pair and a great kicker is not always good, especially someone slow playing a set or two pair.

  10. Mandy Edwards says:

    That’s it. I’m flying to Boston to play at this casino.

  11. David Burhans says:

    Great content, as usual.

  12. Sherman Wilson says:

    Be honest Bro?? I was watching Brad. But since I watched your vids. And actually paid attention to what you do and why? I applied. Been doing way better since.

  13. Gnarlton Danks says:

    And the call on AJ.. eek. Bingo is not the way to go, lol but read up and study and get back at the felt. You’ll make it back!

  14. Gnarlton Danks says:

    I thought I’d always defend the fish plays, but damn man.. you got your money in bad so many times.. $35-all in with top pair post flop? Hurt to watch.. you need to be patient or just stay home my friend. Good hit on penn though!!

  15. Timo Hettinger says:

    thanks for listinening to my previous advice; as said GOOD FOR THE VLOG!

    "Keep playing! OUTPLAY the VARIANCE on MONKEYTILTTTTT!!!!

  16. kc collier says:

    All heaters come to an end. Good stuff either way. Keep your head up and keep the vids coming!!

  17. Marc Rover says:

    7:20, not the 2nd nuts. It's the 3rd nuts.
    I know, it doesn't matter, but just figured I'd point it out.

  18. abohl2385 says:

    Bro paid off a sigh check raise all in a few vlogs ago and lost to a Royal and then does it again here to the set of JJ. SMH

  19. David Hendricks says:

    I understand you are tilting bad. But I really hate when the title of the Vlog kinda tells the story before it happens. I guess I like watching and not knowing what is going to happen. Just my opinion for what little it is worth.

  20. jimmy c says:

    what car is that? tesla?

  21. Emil Joseph says:

    Make Pocket Jacks Great Again

  22. 999 says:

    come back stronger next time

  23. shrek ogre says:

    Running in too it sometimes happens….. As they say on too the next

  24. Aaron Conway says:

    E props as always for posting and L, keeping it real. Thanks for grinding it out…

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