21 thoughts on “Double Diamond Deluxe Max Guess $15/SPIN at Ameristar On line casino Resort East Chicago”
  1. Chico Gonzalez says:

    Record a video of a real Hood Dice Game. At the trap or the corner sto

  2. Glamorouslife Movie says:

    This machine is rigged. They tighten it to not pay out. This is the opposite of loose slots

  3. JamesLangg says:

    Only goes to where the diamond points if it’s middle

  4. Chris Landry says:

    Love the videos

  5. Naomi's Slot Channel says:

    Good Luck

  6. Dale Moore says:

    The Wheel of Fortune is the best! Anywhere from $5 to $100. I hit $3k in New Orleans on the first spin on the $100 machine and $1k on the $5 machine in Murphy NC. on the 3rd spin.
    My brother plays the $100 machine and has won over $100k.
    Also have won thousands on Lobster Mania 3.

  7. Therealdropkick whitejr says:

    They got the deals on the rooms right now too

  8. Therealdropkick whitejr says:

    Bro bro come out to Connecticut 2 hours from where ya was supposed to say got 2 casinos both open 24 hours Mohegan and Foxwoods ! I was plan on coming to encore

  9. nando488 says:

    Try going to Rebo. I've never been there. But the rooms should be cheap. Or maybe Detroit. Never been there either. But they got 3 casinos there. And Reno has a whole bunch its like the small Las Vegas. Maybe even Biloxi, Mississippi. But man I've heard bad things about Mississippi in general lol.

  10. maria I says:

    you been down to Biloxi?

  11. JTex Casino says:

    BRO!!! Go to Winstar but just watch out. Technically not allowed to record. Definitely hit up the community if you go. I'd love to swing by

  12. Low Flynn says:

    Evansville Indianan Tropicana

  13. Javier Jack says:

    Colorado weed state homie

  14. B.Sundae says:

    Since I turned 21 I love playing The slots called “Quick Hit”. One time me and some co-workers won 3grand lol.
    Try QUICK HIT?? If you haven’t already.

  15. TreTradesFX says:

    Come to Toledo, Ohio & play some roulette together ! Fr !

  16. Devin Johnson says:

    lol the random nate clip lmao. but thats why i dont play slots bro. if i do its Dragons Realm. next time ull get em

  17. ricardo says:

    lmao poor nate 🙁

  18. Brian Gonzaleso says:

    Cold ass machine tho as long as yo numbers stay hot that’s all that really matter right…no cap

  19. Eric Gianna says:

    you gave us the up , thank you

  20. Ruben Garcia says:

    The only slots I play is quick hits, other than that I stick to tables, and Laughlin bro I go every couple months headed there for Christmas, All the casinos are cool I like Aquarius the best I’ve had the best luck there

  21. Robert Schwarz says:

    "Im batman" with the knuckles curled lol

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