33 thoughts on “Double Dragon $15/Spin – Double Prime Greenback $30/Spin – Excessive Restrict Slot Play”
  1. karen brown says:

    Love how jerry screams lol❤️

  2. karen brown says:

    Hi watching❤️

  3. Death_trap_auto says:

    Jerry is da man yooooooo

  4. MortonRanger20 says:

    Is Jerry the equivalent of Cousin Eddy in Vegas Vacation?

  5. Patrick Martin says:

    In the background did Ger say, I got my medical card, let's get some tweed?

  6. Mike Fox says:

    Pres the credit so we can see the dollar amount

  7. mikeyfromnj says:

    What part of Jersey are you from, John?? I 'm in Gloucester County.

  8. Terry F says:

    Cherry Christmas.

  9. spider88able says:

    good luck

  10. Tony K says:

    I subscribed to your video's but I dont get the notifications anymore for some reason when you upload new ones.

  11. Gary Carlson says:

    Nice Win

  12. Mike Figures says:

    Jerrys commentary is priceless !

  13. Mid-South Slots says:

    Think I used to play this on Nintendo

  14. GambleTheGlobeSlots says:

    NJ is the bonus wizard! first spin magic!

  15. Jsson Mongan says:

    Why is NG slots so loaded that armenian guy must know secrets of them dragon link slots he always seems to hit big congrats to the power of of NG bonus show me to he power or your big bonus

  16. mikeyfromnj says:

    Thanks, had a mouthful of coffee when you said "as Jerry screamed in my ear" LOL!!!!!!!!

  17. david isenberg says:

    jerry is the dog that gets kicked ….. tell top dollar he still owes me a run on the dancing drums if he's going down penny lane

  18. Shhh Slots says:

    I'm way behind in my favorite degenerate's videos! Sorry my friend. Some really great wins!
    I hope you're doing well and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. So much love and luck from AZ

  19. Erica's Slot World says:

    No time wasted. Gotta love those cherries! Great video, win or lose, NJ Slot Guy!

  20. jason smith says:

    Everyone has that 1 friend….

  21. Lucy N says:

    Jerry has to kick the machine to get a bonus!!! Can he come kick my machines?

  22. magic wand says:

    Now I know how much in love am with this channel …
    Opened up the YouTube to see all three of my favorite channels new uploads …now which to watch first ….
    …..yup ! guessed rite !! ….
    …NJSLOT !!!

  23. NY Money says:

    I love the banter between you guys wish I had gambling degenerate buddies like the lot of you

  24. Ronald Amos says:

    Too funny, Jon and Mike. Merry Christmas to you both… Time for a live stream.

  25. Glen Cameron says:

    Thanks for video…

  26. bskaff21 says:

    Was too dollar 20 or 30 a spin looks like you were only playing 2 credits

  27. Rick Hunter says:

    Love you NJ Slot Guy! Would love to see all your handpays from 2020! A best of…. if you will. You and Top Dollar Mike are just the best! ! Keep those videos coming in 2021!!!!

  28. Brian Nelson says:

    You guys are the best.

  29. Me and You Hello says:

    Let's spin lets win!

  30. Will Bryan says:

    You were giving poor Jerry tough time. He always makes me laugh. The best line of the whole video. Jerry and his zero dollar contribution.

  31. Charlotte Nasise says:

    Great Session. Win Big and have fun.

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