36 thoughts on “DOUG POLK DISCUSSES Victory Over Daniel Negreanu | Poker Life Podcast”
  1. Ultimate Grinder says:

    i wanna challenge Duck Polk

  2. I CAN SPELLE says:

    Anyone else so confused why he keeps saying he hates poker I mean he says that and then immediately says after man can’t wait to review these hands and man gotta make sure to put an effort in the future to not call down like just say you love poker Doug

  3. Shoegum says:

    There's two ways to win. #1 You have the better cards #2 You get your opponent to fold

  4. phosgene2 says:

    the thumbnail for this video looks like the graphic they would use on the news for a story about two guys who escaped from prison…..

  5. Joe Bob says:

    Unwatchable with all these commercials.

  6. Steve Butabi says:

    Holy fucking commercials Joey. You stuck or something?

  7. Pedro Dario says:

    1:39:10 Great point, i remember being 16 and poker was booming everyone in my classroom in high school wanted to play, we got together once a week probs for a year, i'm 29 now and young kids don't even know what the game is. Poker has become an old's man game

  8. Jeff M says:

    What's with all the commercials

  9. Alex Robin says:

    It's great to see Vanessa Selbst come out of retirement and do so well after such a long layoff.

  10. Ankle Bracelet says:

    Way too many ads Papi

  11. Jones St says:

    These are the Supreme Leaders!

  12. roadhockey says:

    More Dougy is better.

  13. A.G. L. says:

    joe do you take any smart drugs?? jtk

  14. Arthur Fonzarelli says:

    Joey try to get Daniel on for an interview obviously that would be great

  15. 7177 says:

    I don't think carpet bombing the first half of rhis video with ads was a good idea. /:

  16. Robert Thorne says:

    Two legends

  17. Stephen Whiddett says:

    Hey Joey. Please could you list the tools that Doug talked about using with links so I can check them out? Would be much appreciated.

  18. Andy Robertson says:

    people are so bad at everything they do

  19. Jacob Potter says:

    Papi’s stream was by far the best. It ain’t even close. Upswing and other’s streams was shit.

  20. Tommy Jensen says:

    I will bet against myself. It is a win-win situation.

  21. Jason99 says:

    Doug got deep into everything…

  22. Friet Speciaal says:

    Long story short. Doug played backed and with scared money. For Daniel this was lunchmoney. Raise the stakes to 400/800 and Daniel will destroy him.

  23. Kyle Ives Bodyboarding says:

    What are all the solvers and programs used?

  24. Bud The Bud says:

    Was post/folding against rules? Was side action worth locking down victory?

  25. Jacob Belgum says:

    I don’t think Doug realizes that, in life, when you’re a grinder, it’s tough to turn that shit off. You might think you don’t want it, but you probably do.

  26. Bud The Bud says:

    I still can't believe dnegs agreed to this challenge??!!

  27. Marie Smith says:

    Best!! Come on really!!! Lets see him up against a player who knows HU

  28. paul higgins says:

    MJ Gonzales plays nosebleed cash games and is friends with Linus et al., started as a Bicycle 10/20 reg

  29. James Jeffrey says:

    Where can I hear the dick in the hand song?

  30. Kaspars Burka says:


  31. Francis Zarb Adami says:

    What would we do without PAPI GTO????

  32. Luca Ferrieri says:

    Private lessons from Mike Postle for improving your poker reads

  33. Mark Davies says:

    Joey please cover the Limitless v Stefan11222 matchup. Been loads of trash talk between the two in the chat and in pokergipsy a Russian forum that can be translated. Stefan posted a graph that he was beating Limitless for over 30bb/100 over 10k+ hands so far

  34. Ghosty FF says:

    Landon's ego gonna be his downfall. Needs to try psychedelics one good time, fix the ego leak.

  35. PersianPrince says:


  36. BiG MoNeY NJ says:

    I wish joeingram1 wasnt on Doug Polks jock so hard.

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