23 thoughts on “Doug Polk Explains How He WRECKED Phil Hellmuth”
  1. Poker King says:

    Have you ever folded the 2nd nuts on the flop?

  2. Houseton Rose says:

    I folded 2nd on flop last week. You're a pro stfu about it already lol.

  3. Calliban says:

    "I will not come back and comment hands" – doug.
    Unless it's a brag, ofc 😛
    Nh, man!

  4. Roland Harris says:

    Wow…what a breakdown. Im astonished.

  5. Joseph Benco says:

    Where can I watch this game

  6. Joe Don says:

    Polk has a long arm.

  7. Jay Jay says:

    Phil got owned, pwaned, soul read, out played, destroyed, shattered, bullied, lost finding value town. Praise this beautiful day that punished the nits Lord. Thank you Lord

  8. ricky dona says:

    Polk didn't "Wreck" Hellmuth, Doug searched for information and got it and made a tremendous fold, is it the fold of the century? "NO!", we've all seen Hellmuth make tremendous folds, we've all seen some of the greatest poker players make folds that the troll community will tell you that they would never make

  9. Damoun Ferry says:

    He would have snap called if it was online.

  10. t flo says:

    soul read with a little white magic sprinkled in…

  11. Troy Daum says:

    Disliked for the Doug Polk Esque clickbait title

  12. Oppressed Panda says:

    if Phil wasnt so terrified all the time he woulda Doubled up.

  13. Randy H says:

    All jokes aside its one of the sickest lay downs of all time regardless of the big all in bet.

  14. Sexy fun time in 3d says:

    'Honey, he folded the 2nd nuts. It's the best lay down I've seen since the stone age.'

  15. gary ashe says:

    i got done yesterday on bf betfair poker, i was big blind 8 4 hearts early position just limped i checked the 8 4 ,.. flop came 567 i forget the suits, but no flush draw phuuker had 89 and dropped all in, i called in a heartbeat.

  16. iamamish says:

    When your opponent is correctly folding the 2nd nuts to your jam, alarm bells should be going off. Somehow I don't think they are for Phil.

  17. Andrew Wolverton says:

    The 90's called and they want their jacket back

  18. Nikos Konispoliatis says:

    The old Doug does not approve and does not believe in reads and tells only on ranges…Old Doug come back!!! Ηahaha..

  19. Ronnie Creager says:

    Phil is a very graceful person away from the felt. Doug is meh, like him but he can be pretty meh.

  20. TechnoFeeling says:

    I have mixed feelings about Doug but follow him for years now.
    Say what you want…. He is a boss and man, things he does are so inspirational

  21. Matiaza says:

    You would've saved 10k if you folded preflop.

    According to bio solver, Polks preflop call is very easily -EV and Hellmuth's move on the flop with this specific hand has the best EV aka Hellmuth played it perfectly.

    Also bio solver is folding Polk's hand on the flop.

  22. Facepalm Jesus says:

    if it was not televised Doug would have snap called

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