39 thoughts on “🔴 Downtown Vegas EPIC LIVE from four CASINOS! 🎰 BCSlots #advert”
  1. Brian Christopher Slots says:

    *From Richard at The D – IMPORTANT INFO ON $25.00 MATCH PLAY CHIP*

    As mentioned in the video when you arrive at the D Casino please PICK UP A HOUSE PHONE and HAVE THE HOTEL OPERATOR GET A HOLD OF RICHARD WILK!

    If he is there he will bring it out to you personally or will direct you where you can pick it up from. This is the only way to get this 25.00 match play chip. 

    Enjoy The D Casino in downtown Las Vegas!

  2. Anthony Willoughby says:

    Remember when I was five or six our family was driving to California we went through Vegas. It was in 1959, Then Vegas was freemont street. We drove right down freemont. And of corse you cant drive down that street now .But my wife and I were out there a few years ago as soon as I seen the street I remembered, it brought back a lot of memories good and bad, I tryed to get my dad to stop so we could go in The Golden nugget ,he said no kids weren't allowed. I couldn't believe kids weren't allowed.but everytime I see freemont street I remember, Thanks .

  3. Janet Bashus says:

    So much fun. Jan

  4. Edward Clay says:

    Win em up BC hi Brett

  5. Karen Kaloff says:

    Hello Brian and Britt just sub from British Columbia luv you both it's fun watching missing Vegas

  6. Susie Gonzalez says:

    Watching from Louisiana say hi to me Susie please

  7. randy mclemore says:

    wat do i type in to follow ur buddy richards chanel??

  8. Christine Duval says:

    Richard is handsome

  9. Christine Duval says:

    'You're all cool, don't worry '. Nice

  10. Christine Duval says:

    This machine reminds me of Coyote moon

  11. Christine Duval says:

    I've been to Las Vegas once. Never made it to Freemont Street. Next time.

  12. Tawana Moore says:

    Hello Brian from Atlanta love your videos

  13. Lux Meow says:

    How are you able to film in casinos? LOL My city (Vancouver BC) still has them closed, one even shut down. :S No fun!

  14. Bianca Donici says:

    Wheel come on

  15. Bianca Donici says:

    Thank u for choosing 3

  16. Bianca Donici says:


  17. Bianca Donici says:


  18. Bianca Donici says:


  19. Bianca Donici says:


  20. storie terry says:

    I ordered a lucky mask and subscribed tonight paula inyukon,ok

  21. Tyler Wertz says:

    Bev and Susie from Rochester Ind new subscriber

  22. james drost says:

    how do i get richard to be my host at the D?

  23. Gregory Charles says:

    Got my line it up masks

  24. Gregory Charles says:


  25. Gregory Charles says:

    Louisiana is back

  26. Kishoreda Songs says:

    This is nothing,,, i saw a guy bet 300 dollars on the dollar machine and won near 400 thoudand dollars,,,

  27. tammy jacson says:

    She is your friend is not your girl friend or your wife ?..

  28. Beth Watson says:


  29. Beth Watson says:

    How much the mask

  30. Beth Watson says:

    How the mask

  31. JarHeadVet says:

    i know this video is a couple of weeks old but the next time you are in Vegas eat at Pizza Rock!!! best pizza ever!!

  32. Maggie Reyes says:

    Do you ever plan to come to Eagle Pass Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino?

  33. Dana Arfuso says:

    Brain I don't mind watching you play but some of the machine's you play are very boring play more of lightning link and dragon link

  34. The Crafty Realtor says:

    El Cortez is my favorite place to play Craps.

  35. Celia Jolley says:

    I have Golden Nugget dollar tokens from 1999.

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