28 thoughts on “Doyle Brunson Finest Poker Fingers | Excessive Stakes Poker”
  1. ThePhantomasian says:

    RIP Jerry Buss 🙁

  2. max macdonald says:

    Gabe is funny

  3. Rick Kloek says:

    Bronson just won $ 2,000.000 on just one hand. I remember in the beginning of Texas hold um, pots were $ 2,500.00. Before cameras showed the hole cards. That move changed everything. Made hold um poker way more interesting

  4. 王宇 says:


  5. Sean -Chesthole- Osman says:

    No. No one remembers that old movie Marty. It came out just after we fought the Korean War. You are so old, Gabe Kaplan.

  6. Alexey Novikov says:

    Are they play on real money and should they to pay a some tax after winning?

  7. Sam Finn says:

    Gabe: “doesn’t look like he can call here.”
    Guy: “I raise”
    Gabe: “he just said raise(AJ laughs)

    What great commentary on a pretty memorable hand.

  8. KROGAN says:

    He retired a couple years ago. GG

  9. sam hamdan says:

    why would viffer raise 125,000 on a 40,000 pot with a draw in a cash game??????????????????

  10. whyfold now says:

    Gabe was just the absolute GOAT announcer

  11. whyfold now says:

    Jamie Gold lmao

  12. Dougs World says:

    Doyle only plays AA , KK , or AK… fuckin' old timer pussy.

  13. kelly allen says:

    One hella value bet with AA vs Jaime's KJ

  14. Semir Tesnjak says:

    Thanks for the million elly

  15. pinksnack75 says:

    At the 15:17 mark is Doyle telling a story about something he said or did someone else say it. It's a great line either way.

  16. masterboy72 says:

    Great video. He has the nuts every hand. What a genius

  17. It's Me Snake says:

    I feel like he only plays aces and king every hand

  18. Ren Rod says:


  19. Thomas Ben says:

    So allot of Aces , Kings , ace-king and a rare ace-ten suited , ok lol

  20. JOHNizSiK says:

    Greenstein loses more than hellmuth on YouTube.

  21. Peleg Bar says:

    What a humble and a legend this guy is… Love him

  22. Axl Rose says:

    Best poker hands? Only play AA KK and AT

  23. Alex Cesarz says:

    “I thought you had AK and I was making a bad call anyways”…….this is not someone to learn from

  24. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Doyle only plays the nuts lol. He only plays pairs

  25. Hectik Hector says:

    such a legend

  26. 209brandon B says:

    :19 sec watch his eyes!!! Priceless..!

  27. jace888 says:

    It’s so cool like Doyle Brunson is like your Uncle just having a good time among many changing nieces and nephews on the poker table.

  28. tdawg says:

    Did anyone understand that joke he told and can explain it to me, I feel left out

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