18 thoughts on “Doyle Brunson TOP 5 BEST Poker fingers ♠️ Better of The Huge Sport ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. QT8270 says:


  2. Erky says:

    Brunson is a King

  3. Nirupam singha says:

    So much lucky ..always hitting nuts

  4. Tomás Ordinola says:

    The vídeo lasts 10:2x minutes :v

  5. Doesn't Matter says:

    Doyle is 100%, Class!

  6. Travis Lefebre says:

    Isn't the 10 2 gotta be a heart spade or doesn't it matter? he won with one of em I think

  7. reppingl says:

    Daniels fake struggling with easy decisions for tv time is pretty damn annoying. Takes like 2 minutes deciding to call all in with 2nd pair weak kicker against a tight player. Quick fold

  8. Brains for Dinner says:

    I wonder how much money has been thrown away on T2 because of this guy. I know I've done it a few times.

  9. Alex Grenlie says:

    Man I like watching poker but these guys talk so much crap and waste time. Just be decisive and make a move! It makes you look weak if you're not

  10. 7Critics says:

    Given has given away his chips

  11. Ualisson Carlos says:

    I just love Doyle

  12. المؤتمن مهند ماجد says:

    What a legend

  13. Ephraim225 says:

    5:55 ugh don't say that lol

  14. Arnav Maru says:

    Video is exactly 10:20, iconic

  15. Moses Cuh says:

    "Always feed good to win the first one"

  16. Nirmana says:

    Just imagine, if the poker hand is named by someone's name. He is an altra legend. (10-2= Doyle Brunson)

  17. Rick709 carv says:

    A Doyle Brunson video is posted, and I can't click fast enough…and not fair, I can only give it one thumbs up…not a billion, like this man deserves

  18. Lucas Foster says:

    I guess I’ve been watching the wrong clips because I always thought that Doyle was an old curmudgeon that never had any fun but seeing him have some fun and joke with Negreanu makes me smile

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