8 thoughts on “Dragon Hyperlink paid me BIGTIME on the on line casino!”
  1. Oh Yeah! Slots says:

    Hey Chico, Looks like you do what I do Bro, stay on the same machine for Hours till the thing finally gives you a Sweet Win! Great session. Thanks for sharing. Have a fanastic day!

  2. Ken Riches says:

    I think 6 minis is the most I have seen anyone get on a bonus .Thx for the vid.

  3. Sharon Glover says:

    I look forward to watching your videos

  4. darodg1 says:


  5. DaBoss Slots says:

    Congrats bro you always winning big

  6. clarityjane31 says:

    love your video's… good luck

  7. Mark says:

    It will be nice to see that in $1 or $2 denomination but it is still a great streak of a winning in dragon Link.

  8. Watts Slots says:

    Super Nice Win… Dragon Link Gone Wild
    12.50 bet Pays… Yessir.
    P.S stop by the Channel and check us Out..

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