32 thoughts on “Dragon Hyperlink Slot Machine HUGE WIN | Profitable Large Cash At On line casino”
  1. NG Slot says:

    This video should be posted in this morning , but i scheduled it wrong , so my 5pm Premiere Streamed was posted by 5:30am please check it out MASSIVE JACKPOT HANDPAY : https://youtu.be/GJ-h9J7bAp4

  2. Michelle Alvarado says:

    When are you coming to Graton Casino in Rohnert Park California? I hit a $12k jackpot for my birthday last week on the Dragon Link! So exciting! Love watching your videos!

  3. ilovevegimite says:

    6 Minis, 1 Minor, 1 Major, you'd never see that on $1 denom LOL

  4. Sherrie Ford says:

    I truly enjoy your time on the slots! Sherrie

  5. Sherry Huth says:

    What casino are you playing at?

  6. C Hamp says:

    Didn’t win a massive jackpot but, played 10 bucks in free play and walked out with $300 off Dragon link today. Great way to start my day off!

  7. Zagros Soarss says:

    Good job NG

  8. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! I'm trying to catch up on the videos I missed while I was in Vegas.

  9. Debby S says:

    Right video…wrong video…still enjoy both no matter when they're posted. Enjoyed!

  10. Jenny Tailya says:

    Thank you Bro!

  11. Jed Sazon says:

    Sometimes I wonder if all the gambling bloggers are keep on posting huge winnings 95 percent of the time like NG slots, MG slots, Lady Luck HQ, Bomba slots, Asian slots, etc. How can the casino industry survive and where would they get the money to pay hundreds of employees and their benefits. If they incurred heavy losses according to the bloggers postings. Just curious.

  12. Goldie Khan says:

    Ohhhhhh yahhhhh!

  13. Lenora Wadsworth says:

    Nice win!!

  14. Timothy Foster says:

    Good job

  15. Uncle Rudy says:

    OMG NG !

  16. Cynthia Rueda says:

    Ng…it was nice meeting you this morning,your videos,just you entertaining us viewers is appreciated,thank you!Wish you the best in life,my best wishes for you & your family,God bless you

  17. andres diaz says:

    Hey NG.. have you ever win the grand , with all 15 fireballs??

  18. Coronacitas 19 says:

    Bravo Mr NG.

  19. apojokai1 says:

    Show me the power of your bonus!!

  20. Hayley B says:

    Hey man, my mum loves your channel, watches your videos every day like its the news lol. I think she plays vicariously through you because she can't go to Vegas. It's her birthday on Saturday (May 15), could you please wish her (Lavinia from New Zealand) a happy birthday in one of your videos? She'd get such a kick out of it.

  21. STEELERTHUG says:

    Guy in the background shut up and just watch lol

  22. Mizai says:

    When there are more jackpots then regular prizes

  23. Sheng Khang says:

    Hi NG

  24. Marjorie Smith says:

    What casino??

  25. Peri Miller says:

    Hi NG I’m a big fan and watch you every evening. Thank you so much for the entertainment. I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling us what casino you are at each time you play.
    Thank you.

  26. Shelley says:

    Nice surprise win on the 2cent denomination

  27. Michael K. says:

    Hey NG, thank you for your slot play and your kind words back to my comment. I will definitely keep watching and always give you likes. Keep it up ahped and keep singing it's going to keep you young. Haha good luck and many many jackpots to come your way.

  28. William Shea says:

    You are better than this. Click bait. I watch your channel because you are true, stop

  29. Matt Owens says:

    We’re is the video at 5 you keep talking about
    Lol is this another recording you miss conducted lol

  30. Ryan Gates says:

    Do you always play with your players card in the machine ?

  31. kmddmd1 says:

    GO NG!!

  32. Art Pili says:

    Wow, maybe that was the first time on You Tube to have the mini, minor and major balls drop in the same hold and spin round. I have never seen that before. Good job buddy, continue to kill it!

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