27 thoughts on “Dragon Hyperlink Slot Machine Max Guess Bonus & Extra Slot Machines ! In Las Vegas At The Cosmo |SE-8 | EP-9”
  1. Jeremiah Jalliana says:

    up big bass

  2. Andanenga Hassani says:

    This side in SA a lot of people play them;they are always full when ever l visit Monte Casino…South Africa loves you man…Keep on doing it..

  3. Robcat 2020 says:

    I enjoy your videos very much sir, your my favorite of all the casino player channels brotha!

  4. Andrew Martin says:

    Love the videos NG but sound volume very very quiet difficult to hear what you say

  5. Måñgø says:

    Love your videos the most. You show how it really is and that’s what I love most and you still make it fun. Love your endings lol.
    Last spin, another one and another one just is case….. love it.

  6. Laila Hamelin says:

    Love watching your videos. Our casinos in Vancouver, BC have been closed since Mar. I will be the 1st one in line when they open. Lol!! Good Luck..

  7. Audelio Espinoza says:

    Another disappointing session
    sorry NG

  8. Audelio Espinoza says:

    The Gaming Control Board should take action on Casinos to lose the slots machine on better fair way.

  9. Audelio Espinoza says:

    1000 dlls lost in 8 mins OMG

  10. Audelio Espinoza says:

    The more I see you losing the less I want to visit the Casinos
    We still enjoy your videos and to me is a fraud from the casino tighting the slots so bad they are not paying nothing

  11. Robcat 2020 says:

    I had to self exclude for 1 year from the cazinos, the games are not designed for the players welfare at all. I would go back now and continue to lose everything so I had to do it. Maybe next November when I'm allowed again I can control myself.

  12. maggie mae says:

    try to slow down alittle when you play

  13. Ibrahim Salem says:

    you insist of this machine.plz play thundeingr buffalo and be patient good luck ng from Egypt

  14. Jaylene HAWAII says:

    Aloha my Dear NG… always FUN watching you..

  15. Michelle Daly says:

    Have you ever been to Connecticut we have 2 casino's here the Mohegan Sun and Foxwood. I love it there. You should come and we can go. Best of luck from Connecticut

  16. Vicki W says:

    played the dynamite game. hit the bonus and got the big one dyno and got 140 on a dollar vet. did one back up …it hit on my last bet. was leaving going home…was nice

  17. Vicki W says:

    not really…its ok…went yesterday.

  18. layra Thompson says:

    Beer, bath and snacks with NG

  19. Charlie Brown says:

    NG ever play Fortune Coin Slot?

  20. Connie Keenan says:

    Sorry NG!

  21. Carol Webster says:

    I missed your video this am but watching it now. Will catch the evening video.

  22. EddieB D says:

    Those James Bond machines are annoyingly loud.

  23. Rebecca P says:

    On Golden Century you said they were maxed out bonus amounts, how do you know what the max amount is per machine?

  24. Linda Kobayashi says:

    LOVE YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE WETHERE YOU WIN OR LOOSE. You are a joy to watch, good lucky and keep posting

  25. Hugh Hulman says:

    NG at 5am all the machines are on locked down. You may need to consider changing the start time.

  26. Veronica Meeley says:

    May you got a good luck machine that will give you a BIG BIG BONUS. I love to see when your winning. Good luck.

  27. Rocio Macedonio says:

    Thanks NG for your games have a blessing Saturday ☘️☘️

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