30 thoughts on “Dragon Hyperlink Slot MASSIVE HANDPAY JACKPOTS ! Largest Quantity I Have Ever Received”
  1. Ron Lorentzen says:

    It's nice to see this happy times

  2. Normand Rheaume says:

    Good job ng

  3. Zillah Robinson says:

    OMG hahaha really enjoying watching you NG

  4. Hank Meeseetawageesic says:

    Ng. I'm letting my friends and family know about your channel. Your the best and this is the best video I've watched. Big wins. And lots of jackpots. Good luck on your next one buddy

  5. Michelle Vergara says:

    So great to see all your jackpots in one video. Really enjoyed it

  6. Kevin Grace says:

    Hey NG
    How many total views do you have on you tube?

  7. Joe Jeaitani says:

    Awesome ng, I enjoy watching your content and sd guy, any collaboration with sd guy?

  8. Analia Jardinero says:

    Go,go,go NG

  9. Julie Lynch says:

    Hi from Sydney Australia

  10. Alex Mora says:

    With that $12,000 ball popping up , I’m starting believe this game might drop a $1million ball . Lol

  11. Denise Sims says:


  12. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    This was fun

  13. Tracy Kalmar says:

    You could release this as your first album! #BestSingerof2021 #NGGrammy 🙂

  14. Lucilita Camo says:

    Oh my God NG

  15. Liliana Alvarez says:


  16. Pie Miller says:

    Wow NG! I missed this! This is so good! It’s about time!

  17. Art Pili says:

    It was great to watch these again. I remember all of them. Let's hope for a fantastic April. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  18. Uncle Rudy says:

    OMG ! NG !

  19. Angel palma says:

    How do you have so much money? I noticed everytime you say let's see the power of your bonus it gives you another chance in the lightning link but when you don't say it stops

  20. Txscratchoff Winner says:

    Nice win

  21. Angie Rosales says:

    Happy for you winning big stay safe thanks for entertaining us

  22. Victory 2020 says:


  23. Charles Shellito says:

    Love these

  24. Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos says:

    What a fabulous compilation of your wonderful Dragon Link jackpots. Thanks for sharing all the fun and wins!

  25. Gee Zee says:

    That was an awesome episode of The Power of NG jackpots. ❤️

  26. Shania Campbell says:

    Love it NG

  27. Rico EL GORDO LOCO Sabor says:

    Great compilation!! Can’t wait to watch you winning the GRAND on Dragon Link/Cash. It feels amazing (watch my channel , $18,6K grand on $2,50 bet at Peacock Princess Dragon Link October 2020) you’re amazing NG!! Love ur content!!

  28. sammy powell says:

    Wow Ng U have had some great wins . Ok I would never normally suggest looking at others. I came across bombers slot today. You have to check out. He was down $1000. Lucky chance winner gave him $2000 ball. It's nuts never seen . I see you're videos everyday love your channel. From Sammy Brisbane Australia.

  29. Shelle Roberts says:

    I remember this jackpot! Thanks for keeping us entertained and putting yourself out there during the lock downs. You are the best on YouTube out of all the YouTube gamers.

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