33 thoughts on “Dwell on the Virgin Lodge and On line casino Grand Opening!!!!”
  1. WEST NORTH says:

    It's extremely different

  2. kathleen berg says:

    Management should embrace YouTube.

  3. kathleen berg says:

    Stupid for their PR to ignore you.

  4. Mitch Grice says:

    damn man i went to vegas once and got covid , how have u not got covid after hanging in these casinos???

  5. Dawn Van Keuren says:

    Very nice you not only didn’t get booted, but got to film and see the party. It didn’t look like a very grand opening or party (Where were the people? What, no spread of great canapés…..even cheese and crackers?), but is a testament to your skills that you covered it! PS. Has your mom told you about Mario Lopez, yet? You would have seen him on TV!

  6. larry agostini says:

    Norma has the prettiest "Smiling Eyes"…for real.!!!

  7. Adain Ojeda says:

    Doesn’t impress me at all ! Hard Rock can’t be replace .

  8. Alex Holland says:

    Pink Taco is gone 🙁

  9. Be-Employed Ltd says:

    I have to agree with Dave, you only appear to acknowledge people who donate to your channel. Do you give this money to charity? I personally know all the Presidents of all the major strip hotels and I will ask them to contact you if you wish so you can get official approval to do the live streams in the hotel and casinos without getting trespassed and you can then donate more money to charity. Have a nice week.

  10. CindyluWho says:

    That was so cool of Tom Sandoval! I'm a big fan of Vanderpump Rules and you got to meet both Toms! LUCKY! Great stream!!

  11. Learn Explore Love says:

    How did you not get kicked out like Steven and All You Can Vegas?

  12. Ashley Crisman says:

    You met the toms?!!

  13. Marlin Shanklin says:

    Is it worth going to ?

  14. David Robinson says:

    I'm cancelling my Subscription purely due to the fact that you won't acknowledge a comment unless they paid you.

  15. Kanoi Phillips says:

    Thanks for the viewing on the grand opening

  16. Stewart Rowe says:

    Bror Frédéric passed you up at 2:18:10. Lol. Is the Joint still there for concerts?

  17. David Cheng says:

    3 50s in a row was hilarious

  18. rey colon says:

    Nice I was waiting for this one .

  19. Missa Atine says:

    OK, correct me if you may. But there's no longer a HardRock Casino?

  20. Samantha Shine says:

    IDK why companies do not want to COMMUNICATE WITH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS! Is their business that great? Doubt it!

  21. Samantha Shine says:

    Hey Pompsie, If Sir Richard is there, will you give him my number?

  22. gina wiggles says:

    Looks like a Motel 6 they slapped some lipstick on. Wait, wait….is that a Nordstrom's Rack I see? Ok, I get it. The vibe is definitely bare bones late 70's retro suburban mall. Not interested.

  23. manbeastx69 says:

    The Hard Rock was so much better looking and had a real vibe to it,this place not so much.They need to fire who ever designed this ugly looking place that feels dead from just watching it.Thanks for the video thought and enduring the pain of this dump

  24. Clive TheRedDevil says:

    1:00 hello,my name is Norma 🙂

  25. rmx01indiana says:

    Pompsie is blowing up

  26. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Love your videos and glad to see your adventures as well Pompsie. Thanks for posting this too. Have a nice day now.

  27. Dan Gabrielson says:

    Yo..it's 21 first century…call Uber!

  28. Spooky 1985 says:


  29. Dan Johnson says:

    I hope you tour Macao and Monaco soon

  30. Laurie says:

    Those gold people literally did not move a muscle! That is SO hard!

  31. Dom Roach says:

    I just want to say, you are doing a really good job with these videos! I live in Vegas and I still end up clicking on your videos lol

  32. Alex Keaton says:

    It's Hard Rock minus the rock n roll. The floor plan is the same. Restaurants are in the same place. A few of them haven't even changed. They changed the decor, paint and carpet. Little things but disappointing to say the least. I expected more and better from Virgin. Sorry but not impressed.

  33. Cire Soprano says:

    Thanks Pompsi …

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