39 thoughts on “🔴 Dwell SlotPlay at Agua Caliente On line casino 🎰”
  1. Suzanna Sanchez says:

    Have you been to Arizona Casino?

  2. Linda Griffin says:

    I Also Love Marco and all your Guests that join you at the Casinos

  3. Linda Griffin says:

    Hi Brian and Britt Oh so happy to be a RUDIES Girl Much Love!! Good Luck

  4. Slot Mania says:

    Wolf Run Gold, great game. Lots of luck!

  5. Barbara Stone says:

    Send Marco our love Britt you look beautiful Brain love you Marco you guys bring so much happiness in these hard times

  6. Shelia Vestal says:

    We love you Britt! Have fun!

  7. Jailee L says:

    good luck and good gambling Brian

  8. eileen goostree says:


  9. Steve Poirier says:

    Hey Brian, read the Toronto Star today, there is a great article on Brain Christopher Slots, happy reading!

  10. Debra Clark says:

    I’m a Rudies member since September. I love your channel. Line it up.

  11. Shane Pritchard says:

    Hi Brian I am shane from the midlands can you say hi

  12. kristoff nicholls says:

    I’m only 2 hours from that casino! We should do a double up


    I am from Newport Beach Ca so glad you live close now. A reason for me to come out there. I used to go out there 4/6 times a year for concerts at Agua.

  14. Dog Lover says:

    Stop Talking, Your Ruining This Video! I'm Out!

  15. Mr. Yungmula says:

    I would subscribe if you stop interrupting the games every 5 minutes to speak and not play lol

  16. David Rhodes says:

    Hey Brian… You should try to do a group pool with a different twist…. Each person has their own loyalty card and spends their portion of the pull.. so it can see what multiple players are like on a machine!

  17. Dustin Thomas says:

    Been a fan for while now come to Newcastle casino, Oklahoma

  18. Coy Blanco says:

    Is it my eye glasses?

  19. Forrest Hibbard says:

    Merry Christmas Christmas christopher

  20. Corrina Saunders says:

    Yep Britt has been practicing lol

  21. lazar beam says:

    Super chat bet leave challenge

  22. JayTee is FIREHAWK says:

    Haven't heard a Britt roar… but she's lots of Hoots!

  23. Christian Abitz says:

    Line em up

  24. Christian Abitz says:

    Good luck tonight

  25. Frank Boyce says:

    Britt is such a fun person! Your blessed to have her


    Hi im tonia i just join Rudy


    I love you i have been sick but i Watch u all the time

  28. yolanda garcia says:

    Finally joining the Rudies tonight!

  29. Tami Herzberg says:

    Put one of your videos on x2 playback and listen to Britt giggle. Makes me want to laugh.

  30. Kay Littrell says:

    Love Britts dress

  31. Lisa Peabody says:

    Have you been to Little Creek casino in Shelton Washington?

  32. Tracy Shuck says:

    Oh Nellie win big

  33. María Rubio says:

    Theres only half the screen

  34. Jessica Key says:

    Love 88 Fortunes! Good luck and Line’em up!!

  35. Kim Hicks says:

    Hey win big!!

  36. sherry johnson says:

    #Rudies for life!

  37. sherry johnson says:

    New Patreon here! Line em up and win big!

  38. Ken Meksomphone says:

    Good luck BC watching you from Baltimore

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