30 thoughts on “€130,000+ ON NEW JUICY FRUITS SLOT! 🤩 Greatest Wins of the Week 12”
  1. Roman Seliverstov says:

    че за телки

  2. Bas de koning says:

    This is sooo sick! 😀

    Stake: Bacardibass

  3. Kilian says:

    How about you let Gerogie & Nando stream together and Lamar & Jonte?

  4. galay galay says:

    So lucky as always. Congrats, keep winning

  5. B Carrs says:

    another great week gtfi

  6. Андрей says:

    How are you

  7. Андрей says:



    nice to se you happy stake baronul1112

  9. Glen Parkin says:

    Just a shame they playing with casinos money

  10. Michael Dowman says:

    epic win

  11. PoromenosG9L says:

    Our Bulgarian Dad Georgi had the best reaction!! #teamgeorgi congrats guys!! i saw every clip live!! <3

    Stake : bossykoscy

  12. Ridhwan Azizi says:

    Agadmator gambling ?

  13. BloodBrother1989 says:

    This moment when Georgi realize how much its pays in last clip lmao epic stuff

  14. Bang Billy says:

    Let georgi buy and boom hahaha

  15. TheSlotBuilder says:

    Nice bros

  16. Squigs Squigley says:

    Even more great wins from the best group of slot players on Twitch.
    Stake: Squigs

  17. Fred says:

    FOR GEORGI!!!!!

  18. AOL BG says:

    And again Bulgarian luck what can I say!!!

  19. J. Lemke says:

    ClassyBeef Insane

    Stake: Sh1ningcs

  20. SkyGames YT says:

    editing is wrong you guys forget to put "2 hours later meme" because two hours later gems bonzana give another 100k+ win. AMAZING

  21. muhammad adnan says:

    Congrats for big win and thank you for gambling contents .

    Stake username: lionheart22

  22. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  23. Kev Evans says:

    That was the best video lol your reactions say it all much love to all at beef gang

  24. Endre2309 says:

    Im number five at 5:09 pogchamp

  25. Angelo Tortorici says:

    Lol, that's me "can i have 100% of your winnings"

  26. Tony yayo79 says:

    Do it for georgi please

  27. novan S says:

    Georgi reaction is priceless.

  28. Jonesy Golf says:

    ClassyBeef all legends
    Stake Beerpong55

  29. Hupentester says:

    Jontes "How much…" on Danger is killing me hahaha in a game of course

  30. Martin Klč says:

    These fucking reactions i love IT guys!

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