25 thoughts on “€280,000+ On Fruit Get together On-line Slot 😱 Greatest Wins Of The Week 10”
  1. SoulLeisure says:

    Big Congrats!

  2. Christian Cranfield says:

    Imagine if it was their money wow would be nice

  3. RAKESH SHARMA says:

    Love from India
    Stake. gbaba786

  4. Paul Little says:

    incredible win

  5. Capsta111 says:

    Good hit! another good video!
    Stake – CAPSTA

  6. Were Wolf says:

    OMG 100K

  7. Ashley K says:

    I saw my name in the chat a couple times lol. Some great wins guys. X luckybamboo90

  8. ShadowZ says:

    Lets go! Another crazy win on crazy time!
    Stake: liveshadowzz

  9. Ww Janssen says:


    Stake – dutchguy1244

  10. aytac metin says:

    Bu bir reklamdır

  11. Chantelle Backhouse says:

    amazing wow you deserve it guys

  12. Sinan says:

    It was a good week even when it was up and downs keep it up

  13. muhammad adnan says:

    Congrats brother for amazing wins ..keep it up ..good content

    Stake username: lionheart22

  14. stoyanov___666 6 says:

    Whats the instagram of bulgarian man.He is from my country

  15. Kev Evans says:

    Been watching them live and replays just make it more entertaining to watch brill guys stake classyevil

  16. julien cossette says:

    the fact they dropped an 100x on top of that already big win on sweet bonanza was simply insane

  17. Alinitys dog says:

    Great video like always <3

  18. Remus Serban says:

    Too bad that you are scamming people who think you play with your money.

  19. Sudqy Louzi says:


  20. Jason Morman says:

    How much was the buy for Deadwood?

  21. Robert Fonsbøl says:

    dam it must be that hat you can never take it off

  22. Casualstyle79 Netherlands says:

    ohhh i never played fruit party hahahaha but i put this video on and did some spins and on spin 30 i got freespins 😀 come on 1000x 😀

  23. Aymen Abbes says:

    well done keep going

  24. Aymen Abbes says:


  25. emil fagerholt says:


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