23 thoughts on “each poker vlog ever”
  1. john lee says:

    Hilarious.. creativity different but it works.

  2. Craig Roberts Poker says:

    Hey check out my hand analysis of a Rampage Poker Hand

  3. anass uahabi says:

    We want more of cosmo scenes

  4. Andy Smith says:

    Shit. Now I'm calling KK "Brokeback Mountain" at my next game.

  5. Tristan says:

    Move to vegas man we got live poker here

  6. Ur-_-Killa-TV says:

    You’re killing it!

  7. mrpizza man says:

    this is just andrew neeme

  8. Adam Schulz says:

    bloody kings??? really???

  9. Alexandre Iannuzzi says:

    This. Was. GLORIOUS!

  10. Florida Gaming says:

    Fantastic. I think your channel is the nuts.

  11. Jorge Hernandez says:

    omg I need to join that discord

  12. Exo Chat says:

    Shots fired @NextGenPoker lmao

  13. Fastfunpoker Jamie says:

    I need to know..

    Are you the kid from Indiana Jones?

  14. 4everNdeavor says:

    I actually have half those books hahaha

  15. Robin MacKinnon says:

    Start a poker OF, bust all those nuts

  16. Nick says:

    Hey I don't have a cat named Cosmo, are there any alternatives?

  17. Riley Lefor says:

    Good work son!

  18. yankeesfan says:

    greg, we know you go both ways, but just pick one. rip brad a new one 😉

  19. Monica Brighton says:

    Brokeback Mountain ☠️

  20. Ryan Mykytyshyn says:

    Wes Makowski…….lmfaoo

  21. Michael Lee says:

    bro you are funnier than brad owen and is a better player too tbh lol i hope your channel blows up. i just think you need to play a little higher stakes live game for that to happen

  22. Christian Roberts says:

    Dude you're killing it. Keep it up.

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