21 thoughts on “Each Tom Dwan Bluff on Excessive Stakes Poker!”
  1. Chaleman R says:

    Dwan Eyebrows

  2. ThugCookie says:

    Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey the goats

  3. Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa says:

    I love how dwan has suited cards , and the commentators announce a flush draw like it's quads and he bets like they are quads.

  4. Zack Brady says:

    eastgate,what a fish

  5. ghytgb says:

    Can’t watch him play. Too slow.

  6. Kyle Mouttet says:

    Tom "bobblehead" Dwan
    Somehow he reminds me of someone nodding off on smack, lol

  7. PsyferInc says:

    Last hand, Dwan was literally starting to cry just thinking, "If Ivey calls… Oh my God!"

  8. Francis says:

    i would take down Dwan, we all know he bluffs.

  9. wesley houlihan says:

    Eastgates fold still annoys me years later

    It’s Tom Dwan you dumb fuck

  10. navneeth sridhar says:

    4:28 It's amazing how he says Peter had the best hand!!

  11. Dragon Jay says:

    23:29 The face of complete terror and devastation. Is like his soul was having a fight inside of him.

  12. Raging Bullets says:

    And then they saw it here. Ugh

  13. neuvocastezero 1 says:

    It wasn't a "strength" check. lol

  14. Boii Sheesh says:

    Ur like the pickle in the middle xD

  15. Justin Hart says:

    That hand with Ivey is one of the greatest moments in tv poker ever

  16. michael Tomlinson says:

    The absolute weakest plays I"ve ever seen. The only thing worse than the plays is the commentary.

  17. nxp says:

    I just love Gabe Kaplan commentary

  18. Mr. Magic says:

    That is some good Poker to me

  19. mpup54 says:

    If you notice back in this era that Tom's bet sizing ensured that if he ever got raised he could release, but since the bets were so big and no one did raise him, he knew they werent that strong. Im sure they have all adjusted since then to this, but you can see how it works in every hand, no re-raise from others due to his bet sizing.

  20. Moe Yagzz says:

    4:30.. that’s how amazing he is

  21. Joel Vargas says:

    Players playing with fear

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