29 thoughts on “eight Fingers of Pure Aggression in Las Vegas! (Large Bluffs) Poker Vlog 85”
  1. snex says:

    ROFL I always see Miss Bunny Ears playing 5/10 and 10/20, had no idea she was that nuts.

  2. Scott Pope says:

    That lady was a hare too crazy for me. 😉

  3. Dac Gours says:

    Funny vids

  4. Charles Pryor says:

    Classic examples of playing against table and not playing your cards.

  5. joey p says:

    My bladder can get up to .75 liters, .25 after midnight

  6. Aaron Rother says:

    "I like how this hand is trending."
    U have good humour!

  7. Aaron Barton says:

    You’re a mess man. Lol keep it up.

  8. Phong Giang says:

    Your game is dudu fool !!!!

  9. tbuttz says:

    Look forward to seeing you guys play live at the Lodge. Those streams are really entertaining and you guys should add a little more fun to the action.

  10. Leonard Behrens says:

    great vlog

  11. Chris Kahl says:

    $1400!!!!!??? Do they hand feed you the food while you receive a lap dance?

  12. Nathan Dust says:

    Her: “I’m a Hare”

    Me: “I don’t care”

  13. James deSousa says:

    did you really not play at all while in Vegas?

  14. Bill L says:

    Wait slow down I'm crying and Peeing at the same time .. must watch this sitting down on the potty. So Funny in the same breathe you went (from.).. The More paint they get shuffled to the Top …everybody knows this …(to)… I just complete …ten to make a hundred million… OMGness dude seriously a lil pee came out I have to jump back in the shower now thanks …Hilarious Rude Dude.

  15. Arnold says:

    Lol. At the end Dan didn't expect your quick response on the bankroll 🙂 Cheers from The Netherlands

  16. ClassicalCats says:

    Did you say $1400 dinner!??!?! I remember the days where my mom told me how cheap and good the food was in vegas. Why so expensive?

  17. Cardhack says:

    Elephant’s stomach can hold up to 12 liters.

  18. David Johnson says:

    In 2008 I dined at Alex at the Wynn with just the wife the bill was $1600 for two people. It was worth every penny. Tasting menus with wine pairing are usually a good value but very expensive.

  19. Bob Weiser says:

    I thought you were going to wind up playing against Pure Aggression a LV grinder

  20. KM Snow says:

    What kind of food that rings a $1400 bill. Are you shitting us?

  21. sean aria says:

    why on earth would you need a bank roll of $60k to play $5/10. when i'd play $5/10 maybe 15 years ago i think the biggest down swing i ever went on was maybe $12k. I think if you have a $30k bank roll that is way more than you need and honestly if you go on swings of more than $20k negative in this game then you're really not playing in the correct games. And i say $30k only because you'd be buying in for the maximum of $1500-2000 but if you're just buying in for 100BB even less is fine. And i think the higher up in stakes you go the the less important it is to have 20-30x buy ins because i play $50/100 and $100/200 also but its very important at these stakes to pick your games well and they don't run that often and honestly when you get to these stakes poker normally isn't your primary source of income so bank roll is to a certain extent irrelevant and all i mean by that is that if you do lose 30-40k in a day it won't affect your life that much. I think 20x buy ins is probably the maximum you should be looking at your bank roll. And truthfully $2/5 and $5/10 are the easiest stakes to make a decent living at with the least swings, as you move up swings are just much bigger. Also i think i played with Dan at the Aria in $10/20/40 a while back

  22. Alex Gordon says:

    Grace lookin goooooood

  23. Big L says:

    Saw you and Grace at Caesars last night, she looked great, and your footwear looked as if it was stolen from a homeless street urchin.

  24. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker?????

  25. Edward Lee says:

    If you only put hands that you won with bluffs, etc, of course those look fancy. But with those starting hand ranges + aggressive bluffs, I am not sure how much he is losing in his bad days. Possibly regularly but idk

  26. mistersmith25 says:

    Wish the floor manager looked at the "hare" lady and said "Get out"

  27. AceKing says:

    Once you generate a bluff image tighten up and bet high and people will call you

  28. AceKing says:

    That’s what always happens when people take a bluff strategy and don’t know when to slow down

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