6 thoughts on “Electrical Wild Slot – Magic Slots at Choctaw On line casino Resort – Durant”
  1. Art Bell says:

    Good to see you play the 25cent machines once in awhile. Most players on YouTube play ridiculous amounts of money and it's unrealistic for the average player…keep up the good work. , also are you using your own money or casino free plays?

  2. Art Bell says:

    This is my fix until the casinos open lol…actually with this lock down it allows me to save for my bankroll

  3. Stan Patch says:

    Always good watching …thanks loved it

  4. Shar Troost says:

    Hope your day went well

  5. My crafting world Anna says:

    Gotta take what you can

  6. Scratchin' pete *P A* says:

    Thumbs up! 🙂 Nice my friend!

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