5 thoughts on “Enjoying eight tables of Zoom Poker at Pokerstars”
  1. New Socrate says:

    Are you still alive? Where do you play now?

  2. Jesús Marchal Delgado says:

    How many inches is your monitor Galvin Bay?

  3. Butterfly says:

    I assume you're doing this for vpps.  I show profit at 2 tables on zoom but as soon as I go to 4 tables I breakeven and more than 4 I lose.  I noticed I call a lot when I shouldn't when playing too many.

  4. Justin McNabb says:

    this is class.how are you moving to each table as you play?is it table ninja,i dont have that??

  5. Rhyzzy0 says:

    Sometimes i play with you 🙂 you are a excelent player, keep going 🙂
    What is the program do you use to se the stats of the others players?

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