Enjoying HIGH Stakes Poker Money Video games On-line – $5000 Purchase In!

18 thoughts on “Enjoying HIGH Stakes Poker Money Video games On-line – $5000 Purchase In!”
  1. Charlie Carrel says:

    I'll continue to play these stakes, in the near future. Like the video, if you enjoyed it <3


    hey Charlie , its first time i watch ur videos and i enjoy it also the music was great 🙂 , i think i remember where i saw u first time was in final table of big event .
    my wife pregnant with my baby dead in accident since lately and that put me in very bad mindset , i lost all what i had and try to survive , yes im looking for help and hope in this life , i play poker since 15 years , my nickname in pokerstars : Prokingmastr
    please check my amazing stats before saying here we go an other one that beg people for money , i guess someone with my stats and talent will never beg people exept if there is really a Catastroph , i wish i find a way to ur heart and give me a donation in stars to start my life again , i wish all the best and Thank you in advance

  3. 1POKERHERO says:

    Love the no chat and your music…. people that don't get this music aren't on your wave link……try deadmau5….ambient mix

  4. 1POKERHERO says:

    Do you play on stars exclusively..,….have you ever played on GG poker?

  5. David Nahmod says:

    You're amazing at poker and a pleasure to watch play. Now stop touching your hair!

  6. A. Fdez says:


  7. Lorenzo Fortuna says:

    Hi charlie and congrats for your gameplay, don’t you use the hud while you are playing?

  8. Kovi7111 says:

    This is starting off amazingly with no talking and beautiful music instead!

  9. Weetiji says:

    Music is relaxing and so is your videos! Keep it up!

  10. Eimantas Sudmonas says:

    Next time put subtitles on it’s hard to understand what you’re talking about

  11. bahas rihan says:

    Viewz YouTube is fast, only 1.48 the 1000 views and subscriber real, BritishPanel

  12. Dylan Martin says:

    Can we see some tourny play Mr Charlie

  13. smnsdndn dhs says:

    The 10/20+ games only run on stars when charlie's playing, wonder why XD

  14. Andrew Kagan says:

    Timestamps with big hands? Does Charlie talk at all this vid? Would be curious some of his thought processes.

    Appreciate the content, thanks.

  15. Dave Price says:

    Literally lay in bed in the dark and watched the whole of this like it was some movie lmao, loved it! – what was the profit/loss for the session? Just curious? P.S that overbet call with just a gutter was sick, idk how you can laugh at that, your mind must be really at peace, inspiring. Keep it up Sensai

  16. James Marsden says:


  17. Chad Smith says:

    Hand starts at 28:57, i mean how can he call the overbet just with a gutter.. this is one of the most bizarre hands i've seen..

  18. Tom Hill says:

    30:03 call with 10 9? WTAF!

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