24 thoughts on “EP 4. HANDPAY & MISSES!!!! VEGAS Video Poker Excessive Restrict Journey September/2019”
  1. wantsome7655 says:

    Bad strategy holding the kicker with 3 of a kind with A,2,3,4's. The odds of getting a four of kind are higher redrawing 2 cards with 24 cards to make a winning hand.

  2. nomearod says:

    @15:00 Explain your stupidity

  3. BonBon says:

    Do you prefer Triple Double?

  4. 4ME2DRV says:

    wow. you got dealt three 6's a LOT! lol Nice hit on them 4's with kicker though.

  5. A Word For You! Debbie says:

    It’s all about the kicker with you. Come on its ridiculous. Just play the game and quit all the cussing PLEASE; i would like to watch without all the expletives.

  6. Janice A. says:

    Fun to watch, but can do without the swearing.

  7. kelly hobbs says:

    at timestamp 2:22 your credit on the machine was $2,222. That has to be lucky 🙂

  8. Austin Brewer says:

    Just another greedy asshole who complains when he doesn’t get a kicker. He even holds kickers! What a loon.

  9. taylor hanson says:

    Love the random rewards version…cant seem to find that one but I only gamble at the silverton when I go out to vegas

  10. Jeffrey Cole says:

    Do you even realize the amount of winning hands you throw away holding a kicker card of A234 when you might hit the kicker anyway, you are no mathematician

  11. William Lucy says:

    Stop holding the kickers.. you'll be amazed..

  12. Bill Bachman says:

    I honestly feel bad about you missing the kickers so much love the channel. Next time play off strip try one of the stations better VP odds

  13. 8 and Sk8 says:

    Awesome video thank you for sharing!

  14. Joe Shizzle says:

    Why do you hold the Kickers? Dumbest move on these video's. 4 of a kind would pay better than NOTHING. Duh!

  15. Laura Sizian says:

    Never hold the kicker you are cutting down the odds of drawing the four of a kind and plus it’s predetermined!

  16. Trying To Learn This says:

    Degenerate how much do owe the bookies and or do you sell yourself?

  17. Scotty Bear says:

    dang not one score when you hold the kicker

  18. Greg Cameron says:

    Lots of vids with him looking for the kicker…that limts your chances of getting quads. You already have three aces and it will pay eight hundred for quads, but you keep the kicker and that leaves a 1:46 chance to hit the last ace. If you played the odds and dealt away the kicker…that would half the odds of you getting the other ace and a potential kicker as well. 1:23 is better than 1:46

  19. T-Town Gambler says:


  20. J L says:

    Damn, $10 QQ =degen. Haha.

    Lots of painful bricks this time.

  21. JustFor KMW says:

    Have you noticed how GREEDY these slobs are? It is not enough to win a nice amount of CA$H. They whine about not getting the kicker. Maybe… JUST MAYBE… they need a kicker in their… well, you know. 🙂

  22. tk106 says:

    Man. What is your bankroll?

  23. Poejj says:

    Your poker videos are the best on youtube.

  24. BT Slots says:


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