26 thoughts on “EPIC BONUS! Aztec Temple Slot Machine! BIG WIN! Tremendous Fortunate Choosing!”
  1. moreno3662 says:

    Beautiful eyes

  2. jmarie w says:

    Nice fun to watch

  3. whelp says:

    Should play Vegas 7's if you ever come across it, older game but always had good luck on it.

  4. David Crossley says:

    As a supporter of the San Diego State University AZTECS, you couldn't have picked a better game to play. $$$

  5. Pete D says:

    Happy birthday.

  6. Mario Luis says:

    This game gave u so many spines but such a low pay out!…keeps me away from these games forsure

  7. Derebymel Belmont says:

    Fine video Sarah. Just to see your dainty fingers gives us a thrill.

  8. Jim McGarry says:

    Great bonus. That was fun

  9. Rosio H says:

    Ive never seen this slot machine before it looks fun though. Thanks for Sharing another good Video

  10. Seth Seiden says:

    Do you ever play at the Golden Nugget or Circa?Do they let you film at those properties?

  11. Ju Lee says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this machine. The bonus gives so more dead spins than wins.

  12. Keith Bewhay says:

    Love these old games, great win great video thank you.

  13. Fromafar says:

    🙂 that win was nothing to sneeze at…protector of the temple. 🙂 Best of luck Stay Safe Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. jonas bacani says:

    Happy happy birthday Sarah! it's your birthday! more birthdays to come!

  15. Loren Staab says:

    Ha, I won some money on Zeus and I went and played this. Let's just say you did a lot better than I did 🙂

  16. Lovel John says:

    Great win keep it going .happy birthday my lady

  17. jrs2015 says:

    Weird we have the same bday, happy birthday

  18. James Simmers says:

    Tough game, I really liked the original Version, don't know if you are familiar with it ! Nice Comeback

  19. daver8521 says:

    Was busy with XMAS preparations earlier, so I didn't tune in until now. But loved your winning birthday stream earlier!!

  20. Alfredo Sanchez says:

    Hi Sarah nice too see you good luck

  21. Tavares Morales says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful & so many more!

  22. Rick Kinney says:

    Glad that worked out so well. I was getting nervous there.

  23. steven gerson says:

    Sarah you old lady all of 28 have a great b-day and keep the amazing vids coming

  24. phiberoptik232 says:

    I root for you. win one for the gipper.

  25. Sara b says:

    Happy birthday

  26. Adam Gavel says:

    Happy birthday!!

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