25 thoughts on “EPIC Hellmuth Rant: "They Don't Even Know Easy methods to Spell Poker!"”
  1. Jack Gilbertson says:

    The best part is the dealer staying cool saying ‘he just sat down’ priceless Hellmuth

  2. negrocapo85 says:

    Kjjjjjjjj domado

  3. Tyler Anderson says:

    My fav hellmuth blow up

  4. Wan Ridzuan says:

    The legend of Phil the IDIOT hellmuth

  5. Z- Man says:

    I don't blame Phil for behaving the way he does

  6. mystery says:

    let's be honest, if that idiot bet more than 37k on turn, phil was probably going out of this tournament (that's why keeping track of the stack size is so important in live poker)

  7. jordan Connor says:

    He called a raise without kk+ honey

  8. Goatboy451 says:

    And Hellmuth wonders why people don't respect him.

  9. Mark K. says:

    dunno how such a predictable nit like PH ever could become a profitable poker player
    Dwan would own his soul if they play hu for a decent amount of hands

  10. robflel says:

    I know how to spell poker, it’s ‘P OK, Phil Hellmuth is a cry baby.’

  11. Marvin Nash says:

    Especially funny after Phil Hellmuth's raise at HSP in early position with QT and then completely getting owned by Doug Polk 🙂 .

  12. Heck Yea says:

    Helmuth is better than everyone in the comments

  13. 大日本帝國海軍 says:

    Just died with your 88.

  14. RS4COOL says:

    Phil Helmuth is a garbage poker player nowadays, constantly making bad decisions. He should retire tbh.

  15. LowStakesPlayer says:

    The guy with QT finished 48th this year so Hellmuth was wrong about that. =)

  16. MrElephantBeach says:

    This was extra obnoxious even by usual Hellmuth standards.

  17. Kymani Pazamor says:

    Only a real punk blames the dealer for a mishap. That's pretty lame of him!

  18. chances Leggo says:

    Why is this idiot still playing poker..

  19. Phil D. says:

    Q10 suited is a premium to me lol

  20. Daniel Novaes says:

    The best part is when the player says “it was an aggressive call”

  21. Matt McLaren says:

    Adam Levy hasn’t won a poker tournament since January 2013

  22. Vincent Harling says:

    Phill needs to grow up

  23. Aeodion says:

    everybody has seen this a million times, can yall get some new content especially with Hellmuth?

  24. Carlos González Colomer says:

    Literally i havent seen this Guy winning a single hand. But ive seen plenty of times crying like a baby. It's wonderful

  25. Michael Gray says:

    I love how phil played this hand absolutely awful! Betting the flop with two overs on the board vs a tight flatting range, check calling a monster on such a wet board on the turn, and then leading the river so all the busted draws can't bluff. He even complains that Q10s called preflop in position, what a joke!

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