23 thoughts on “EPIC JACKPOT HANDPAY! First Time Enjoying Buffalo Rush! What An Superior NEW Buffalo Slot Machine!!”
  1. Eric TheDude says:


  2. Mark Challed says:

    Thanks for sharing your win, Sarah. Cosmo is a tough nut to crack. Not for you though.

  3. Brian Holmes says:

    Awesome win!

  4. T777 says:

    I guess that games a Rush.

  5. michael Taylor says:

    Wins 1.9k$ and says “not bad” wow lol

  6. GrottoRabbit says:

    This does seem like a fun game! Of course, winning a $1,976 handpay makes it "funner"! Another great video Sarah!

  7. Jim says:

    Vintage Slotlady.

  8. Alfredo Sanchez says:

    Hi Sarah l whach videos enytime go luck bye

  9. Arnold Natarte says:

    SLady iloveu

  10. Zachary Schneider says:


  11. Benny Costello says:

    My casino is way too tight to ever win something worth while. I got the bonus twice in a row and won a total of 30 dollars lol

  12. chatter says:

    Thanks for playing this game. Its been my new favorite for several months and there aren't many vidoes out of it. The bonus can be super fun. Congrats on a great win.

  13. joel ramirez says:

    That was fun to watch!

  14. DJ Texas says:

    What a great game! I’m really liking how it gives you another wheel spin every time there’s a retrigger- thats amazing!

  15. Javier Varela says:

    Do you come to San Diego to play at the casinos here this is Javi.. from San Diego

  16. Gary Clarke says:

    Amazing win for $4 spin! So much better than other gamers highlighting similar wins for $20-50 a spin.

  17. 2020 Slots says:

    You're nkillin it. Smashing up the bonuses. Way to go girl yup.

  18. Rick Marlow says:

    Rock on!!!

  19. Sherri Rose says:

    Awesome payout Sarah! I saw Buffalo Rush at Borgata. The machines were full. Now I know why. Going to make it a point to play this machine!

  20. DC3 Family says:

    Are you really a scam???

  21. Ken Remsay says:

    Great WIN and game!!!!!

  22. TheMaster Zman11 says:

    First time attempt and this Wow! You are going to be hooked. Congrats!

  23. James Oneavatar says:

    Awesome bonus, congratulations! I'd like to try that game. I think I've done well on the Buffalo Gold version, and I've gotten 2 Majors on the Dancing Drums version

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