24 thoughts on “Epic Remaining Desk L.A. Poker Traditional WPT $10,000 Primary Occasion Highlights”
  1. Tom Price says:

    Rocco is such a punk. Got what he deserved. Moorman's a class act.

  2. Pierre Labriel says:

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  3. Ythan & Yloh TV says:

    Glenn could've eliminated Chris when he flopped set deuce against Chris' cowboys

  4. William Rogers says:

    If i was playing against the D-bag in the hat, i'd be eliminated for snapping his neck

  5. Chatur Shivananda says:

    Lesson to be learned, don’t go self-destruct mode like Michael did after he lost that first huge stack to Chris

  6. Andy Mac says:

    54:17 "lets play some cards " like some gangster lol , sorry bud , your sitting across from Chris Moorman because u flat call a full house on river 3 handed , jeeesus – I think if he jams there after his wee speech Chris would of put him on 97 and called .

  7. chess brilliance says:

    I can't believe this Glenn guy made it to the final table. He is the worst player I have ever seen.

  8. Michael Campbell says:

    whats michael cera doing playing the LA poker classic?

  9. Bradley Owen Campbell says:

    I want to see his hand. And karma strikes

  10. Andres Villavicencio says:

    the worst play ever when Glenn hit set 2. afraid for higher set ? and then the call with QJ when the other 2 players were all-in, and rhe foldinf K when he was afraid for the straight. 3 crucial mistakes. i dont understand how he got so far …wow wow

  11. Sam says:

    is this the final table in moormans book?

  12. Benji Mcallister says:

    Glenn folded the winning hand too many times. He could've won this tournament. And definitely should've raised his full house. I cant believe he let seth McFarlane win.

  13. Michèle Berdayes says:

    37:30 a great actor? what a jerk!

  14. Michèle Berdayes says:

    15:50 fuck no! bruel isn't a big star in france! Why would he be? what for?

  15. Elias Garcia says:

    Big mistate let hen live wit the full house of 22 and not raice in tbe river

  16. moojersey3 says:

    This footage is like 5 years ago

  17. John Sambrerra says:

    Глупые выставления с 54. Хреновый уровень. Как-будто спешили к вечернему телеку мультики посмотреть

  18. John Sambrerra says:

    Как этот инфантил в шапочке добрался до финала

  19. colin wilson says:

    One of the best poker games I've seen but they are still learning poker. Reason I say this I didn't see a lot of analyzing from the players. No looking for weakness or strength if ya know what I am saying. Good game though.

  20. Billy Smith says:

    Even if he knocked him out with the set of 2's he would have lost to Michael so same thing for him

  21. Doug says:

    10:46 lol streetpoker + shittalking LOVE IT

  22. j tripz says:

    fascinating battle between moorman and rocco. loved the k10 vs 9-2 hand 16:12

  23. George Tonwashing says:

    Mormon Christ,
    You better donate your winning to LA homeless shelters. If you are the true Mormon and the Christ.

  24. Nadya says:

    48:01at this moment he knew he f'd up 😀

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